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Would anyone like to see some unconventional Abyss budget lists? I might do some every now and then in between gathering spirit for expensive stuff, if there’s interest :slight_smile:


fuck yes. show us the way


Yeah, of course!


Okey dokey :slight_smile: might take a while but hopefully I can brew some decent ones


Miguel’s Budget Build #2: Reflection ComboWombos

The budgeting is real! This dumb piece of a deck centers on two cards, Shadow Reflection and Furor Chakram. With the right setup, these two cards can create an amazing amount of burst as well as board clear (best served together, in the ideal scenario). To benefit from these cards, we bring in the good’ol Tiger for a 7 mana 8-10 damage finish, Grimes who is as stupid as ever in various fun and interactive™ combos, Elkowl for creative keyword shenanigans and Demonic Conversion/Bound Tormentor for stealing Makantors, Wind Dervishes etc. which combo well with Chakram.

Flameblood and Bloodtear give some extra aggression that help out in finishing games. Darkfire is for ramping out an early Grimes, which is a surprisingly good play in many meta matchups. Replicant on the other hand brings some much needed draw and consistency to the deck. If you’re looking for a cheap, versatile and complex build then this might be your lucky day :slight_smile:

WR was 14-6 (70 %) in Gold.


And in case you’re wondering why this is budget deck number 2, #1 belongs to Ben Swolobeast Swarm: Miguel's Abyss deck and discussion space


This thread can be found on the wiki too :slight_smile:


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You know best when this thread starts not to be outdated anymore. Could you give me an exact link please? :slight_smile:


Starts to be from patch 1.96 around here Miguel's Abyss deck and discussion space


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