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I don’t know much about abyss, but it would be interesting if you went with a full on buildbyss deck with t2, RX, keeper and gate. Rest of the deck would be ramping stuff, healing and other stall tools/big bois like EMP.

(No I’m not salty after facing and losing against 3 buildmars in a row (frigging gigaloth, get a life, nobody likes you), why are you asking all these questions, I’m fine.)


What you’re describing is basically exactly the deck from year ago that @bepoest was referring to: Dark Memes X: To the Memevault!

It’s not good, but it’s not unplayable either :stuck_out_tongue:


I…completely forgot about that. Sorry if I stole the idea a bit. The decklist looks pretty much like what I pictured but no T-horn, Talon or 4 mana spell whose name I can’t remember. Now that I think of it, there are lots of updates to be made to the deck (hint, hint…).


Regarding this deck, can Lynx even move finished Gates? If not, it’s very problematic for the whole idea. Klaxon + Obliterate might be a decent alternative wincon for you that works on its own, combos with Klaxxs from built Gates and overall benefits from Gates being a giant removal bait.


No probs :slight_smile: Breath is actually very decent in Gate decks, so I wouldn’t change that. And unfortunately Keeper can’t revive Gates since they’re tokens while building so you need another plan there. I’m not super excited about the archetype since it’s so polarized, so I have no idea how it fares in the current meta :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking along the lines of Lynx moving the building away from harm (before build process is finished).


Ah, ok right. That sounds super gimmicky, but worth trying still :stuck_out_tongue:


@bepoest, Imo, Timekeeper requires more synergy. Rescue-Rx is a valuable stall tool, which is a necessity for a slow deck to have any chance against burn.

I’d also use gibbet and Deso. Control and stall.