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I don’t know much about abyss, but it would be interesting if you went with a full on buildbyss deck with t2, RX, keeper and gate. Rest of the deck would be ramping stuff, healing and other stall tools/big bois like EMP.

(No I’m not salty after facing and losing against 3 buildmars in a row (frigging gigaloth, get a life, nobody likes you), why are you asking all these questions, I’m fine.)


What you’re describing is basically exactly the deck from year ago that @bepoest was referring to: Dark Memes X: To the Memevault!

It’s not good, but it’s not unplayable either :stuck_out_tongue:


I…completely forgot about that. Sorry if I stole the idea a bit. The decklist looks pretty much like what I pictured but no T-horn, Talon or 4 mana spell whose name I can’t remember. Now that I think of it, there are lots of updates to be made to the deck (hint, hint…).


Regarding this deck, can Lynx even move finished Gates? If not, it’s very problematic for the whole idea. Klaxon + Obliterate might be a decent alternative wincon for you that works on its own, combos with Klaxxs from built Gates and overall benefits from Gates being a giant removal bait.


No probs :slight_smile: Breath is actually very decent in Gate decks, so I wouldn’t change that. And unfortunately Keeper can’t revive Gates since they’re tokens while building so you need another plan there. I’m not super excited about the archetype since it’s so polarized, so I have no idea how it fares in the current meta :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking along the lines of Lynx moving the building away from harm (before build process is finished).


Ah, ok right. That sounds super gimmicky, but worth trying still :stuck_out_tongue:


@bepoest, Imo, Timekeeper requires more synergy. Rescue-Rx is a valuable stall tool, which is a necessity for a slow deck to have any chance against burn.

I’d also use gibbet and Deso. Control and stall.


Creepy bump, guys!

Here I present my new old school-type deck, which is

Control Creep Cassiva

[creep cass]MTozMjMsMzozMDgsMzozMjUsMzozMjcsMzozMzAsMzoxMTAzMCwzOjExMDg0LDM6MjAwNDksMzoyMDA1MSwyOjIwMjAxLDI6MjAyMTMsMzoyMDI0MywzOjIwMzY3LDM6MjAzNzQsMjozMDAyMA==

Basically, gameplan is the following:

  1. Do the creep stuff on 2-4 mana turn: Abyssal Crawler, Ooz, Shadow Nova, if you have no other options - use Sphere of Darkness. Do not bother much about what your opponent is doing, but replace accordingly. If you feel the opponent is playing swarm, look for swarm answers (Night Fiend, Paragon), otherwise stack on point removal AND Sunset Paragon - the card is a very versatile removal. Try to get at least 3 creep on board to be able to use your awesomely cheap draw.
  2. At 5 mana the opponent is probably starting to surround you already. Don’t worry! Your premium removal package (mainly Paragon) has enough power to turn board to at least neutral state. Klaxon is a nice stall machine and also a creep generator…but you already know it if you have ever played creep.
  3. If your board state is neutral don’t hesitate to equip Azalea early. Playing against Smash Vaath is also a valid reason to have more attack. Control deck suddenly going aggro will confuse the opponent. Having cheap removal it’s very possible to remove smth and equip Azalea at 6 mana, or even at 5 with the help of mana springs.
  4. If you do everything correctly by the time you run out of removal you will have at least 12 creep ready to obliterate the board. GG.

Additional notes.

  • The deck is doing OK against minion based aggro due to healing from Herald and Munch and lots of removal. Especially Munch. But for the same reason it is really bad against Burn and Artifacts - you have absolutely no ping. I’d LOVE to include Desolator here, but given little to no tempo this deck got spending whole turn for healing/burn while producing no or almost no creep is a death sentence. Too bad. Deso is needed in this deck sometimes, but I just can’t give up anything, everything seems to fit gameplan perfectly.
  • Abyssal Juggernaut is shit. Really. It is dispelled, bounced, removed by everything. Any attempt to play it in this shell shows that given the low number of threats here it is №1 removal bait…and the only thing it can protect by fishing removal is Klaxon which has DW anyway - so it’s going to provide that sweet 6 dmg more often than not. I don’t like Jugg, and I can’t advice using it in a control shell.
  • Do not worry about awkward curve - it’s OK. Having no 4 mana minions can work if we have lots of cheap removal and draw.


  • Play this deck if you love “no fun allowed” playstyle, remove everything your opponent plays and make him cry.
  • Play this deck if you love to finish your games with a big BOOM.
  • But remember - you will lose against burn and solo decks.

Cheers, guys! I’d like to listen to your opinion on this deck, feel free to use it and provide feedback…and whatever.


P.S. I’m also trying to play Desolators in place of Sphere sometimes - better against burn, but worse against annoying Revas and Ragnoras.


Do you find night fiend useful even with 3x paragon? And how is the flow of the deck with so many removals? Creep cass is the only abyss deck that im not able to play properly, i never found a built that seems good to me.


Night Fiend is highly useful against swarm Lil, Golem Zirix and some other less prominent swarm archetypes. Also it can clear full board of poop dervishes, rag eggs and distant 2 health heartseekers. It covers more ground than paragon thus it is better for killing large swarms.

The flow of the deck is similar to old Disruption Faie. You allow the opponent to do nothing while slowly proceeding to your inevitable wincon. Removal is essential to the playstyle I enjoy with this deck. Given considerable amount of draw and cycle, you rarely run out of cards. And the fact that the removal spells are cheap allows you to destroy enemy minion and develop some board in form of, say, Ooz.

Speaking of the general flow of the deck, I believe I described some points in the write up above. If you have some particular questions just ask.

Tbh, however, I’m still getting used to the deck in a sense that sometimes I still make obvious mistakes during mulligan and replaces. That said I reached gold 6 from rank 22 pretty fast mostly using this deck and will test it in diamond soon.

@project2el, you are free to look at my matches if you wonder what I mean. They are not perfect, since I’m not the best pilot, but I can assure you the deck has potential to be S-worthy (not at the top, of course) and you can get the rough idea of how I view control Cass.


Feb '18

:cry: cpg, i… why


Hey, don’t go out triggering my PNEAD like that! (Post-Nerf-Everything-Abyssian-Disorder) :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m considering trying the Q’Orrhlma’A + bonecrusher + mirrorim deck, but mixed with a dying wish shell (since Nightmare Operant would probably be good for this type of deck)

Do you know if Q’Orrhlma’A removes dying wish minions whose costs were lowered by carrion collecter/lurking fear?


Testing in Sandbox indicates that it does indeed work that way (which makes sense on the face of things).


sanbox?!?! how do you get that? is it not on the browser?


If you’re using the standalone client, it’s possible to re-enable sandbox mode by using one of T2K5’s scripts. I don’t know if you can get it to work if you’re using the browser or Steam.


i know scripts work on steam


I know how to use these scripts on the browser.


One problem is that you still get the Lurking Fears after “Queueing”. Having just Collector might also be worth it. But lack of decent cheap draw in Abyss makes this super gimmicky :confused: