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In the Abyss, no one can hear you bump.


But it stares back into you as you bump.


Fresh from the underworld!

A pure Dying Wish spam deck, unfettered, unbound, unstoppable (if you draw your ramp cards)

Lilithe provides the additonal bodies for Furor Chakram to be truly terrifying.
Grimes and Nightmare Operant provide the unplanned catastrophes.

Contrary to the thoughtful and finely chiseled decks of @deathsadvocate, this one aims to win by sheer brute force and unfair strikes of luck. Despite the bad pilot that I am, this manages to provide a surprising amount of wins.

Boss Battle: Most Intelligent Boss Of All Time! #notclickbait

A Nether Summoning or two might fit here if you want some extra rng :stuck_out_tongue:


You know what? As this deck builds a big board and enjoys RNG, how about Hsuku? :stuck_out_tongue:

Note to self: Flawless Reflection Hsuku would be funny.


Hsuku is fun, not too strong but can be rage-inducing on Reaper and whatever stupid stuff you get from Grimes :slight_smile:


The Hsuku Titan list works pretty well.


Ooh, sounds spicy :slight_smile:


Here is Hsuku’s decklist. Pretty reactive but Hsuku and Grovekeeper work well together. Control the board, set up some minions and then Titan :slight_smile:


our true hero, gibbet

probably a horrible idea, but basically you destroy everything with gibbet, and stall for spec rev. build a horde, buff it, and destroy. sounds evil to me.


Blood Siren is a must for atk reduction decks. On the other hand, Cadence seems weird with so few targets. Scarzig and Mirkblood Devourer could be cool non-budget options for this deck. Overall, attack reduction is a really bad but pretty fun archetype so it doesn’t matter much what other jank you combine with it. :smile: I’m sure if you can pull this off the end results will be pretty hilarious.

Oh, and Gibbet needs Daemonic Lure. Maybe swap out Visage instead, it’s a quite bad card even in these kinds of decks.


Gibbet fan here. High five!
Other non-budget option: Deathfire Crescendo. Agreed with @miguelosz it’s a pretty fragile strategy but when it works it’s hilarious.


Does Yun have a place in Aggro Cassyva?


Use void talon instead. Its not a battle pet (huge plus) and the fact that it comes down as a 0/10 makes it pretty sturdy.


Smart. In that case, Healing Mystic could become Blood Siren in the hope of getting more output out of Talon.


I dont like siren in an aggro deck but its an option, Yes.


Siren also combos with Blade well, which is pretty fun :slight_smile: But on Yun, he’s generally very poor value unless you’re using Calculator :wink:


Bone crusher spam?


Hmm, I’ve never seen Qantas used together with Bonecrusher. Let me know how it goes if you test it :slight_smile: For Quaresma 2-drops, consider Mystic/Herald, Bloodtear and Maw in place of Phantasm, Gor and Araki. Also, the Releaser won’t probably work well here. Also, I find your lack of removal and draw disturbing. But it’s a nice idea, hopefully this didn’t sound too harsh as comments :smiley:


Hey @miguelosz! Seeing how much fun was spewed out of a Grimes-provided Gate to the Undervault, I’m actually considering crafting this card for fun.

I had the following janky idea, what do you think?

I need a better plan B in case I don’t draw my Gate or it’s transformed though. I’m out of ideas.

PS: I have seen your January previous work with Build and Heal overload. :slight_smile: Something I could try also.