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My swarm Unbirth deck has currently abandoned Wind Runner to try Lady Locke.

This one tries to win with a buffed swarm onslaught, or a Rush Unbirth combo, and also has backup plans with Soul Grimwar and Provoke Unbirth.

But I’m forgoing Ritual Banishing entirely. How bad is that?

EDIT: @alplod @miguelosz I updated my list above according to your comments.


Depends. Without Ritual you might end up using your Teeth and Tigers for clearing a high-priority target more often than you’d like. Also I’m wondering, do you get to have enough board at once to utilize Soulshatter Pact? Maybe getting the usual chip damage is enough (it’s 4 dmg with just two minions after all) but just wondering.


Soulshatter Pact is one of the most value-generating offensives in the whole game tbh. 6 damage is often more than enough for 2 mana, and with Chakram it turns your whole board into Hatefurnaces that seriously have little to no counter since artifact ping is rare nowadays. Funnily enough, I once got 2 Shatters with Chalk equipped yes its called chalk shutup with 4 wraithlings (That was when Immortal Vanguard first hit and Chakram Revenant was still a thing and no one played around 4 unbuffed wraithlings and tried to ping Chalk and failed) and just outright won for 28 face.


You’re definitely right about the usage of Rush minions outside of the combo to answer the threats. I’m not entirely comfortable with this to be honest, but some people play hyper swarm without any reactive cards, so I don’t know.

The swarm angle could be reinforced with Inkling Surge instead of Spelljammer maybe. I don’t think that much draw is necessary. Speaking of Soulshatter Pact, I think it works here, but it’s somewhat dependent on having a Bloodbound Mentor or a Bloodtide Priestess to stick a bit around for full effect.


I called it the “Flying Death”
The idea basically is to stall until you reach 8 mana with a flyer, shadow reflection and Corporeal Cadence it to deal 20 damage. But i’m having a hard time making this deck viable so any suggestion to improve the deck would be appreciated


@bepoest, imho, you’re using too much swarm finishers without actually producing enough swarm. Giving up Jammers may be a good decision, since you don’t need to last later than 7 mana, inkling should be enough. Without hard removal you’re not prepared for late game anyway.

@duzt, the problem is that you have no early tempo. First of all, you have a pretty low quantity of early plays and not so much efficient removal. If you lose initiative too early there’s no chance ANYTHING of yours sticks. And you WILL lose initiative, since only 2 of 7 of your early minions (mystics) have decent stats.

Think of more oppressive early game. That way something may stick later. Ooz, Primus are nice 2 mana options, while Tahr is a monstrous 3 mana one.


Thank you @alplod. Also if Inkling Surge alone is not enough, then I would definitely try to swap the Nightmare Operants for Cryptographers. Given the multiple other finishers, the Rush requirement is somewhat lowered and I can take that risk.


I will probably make a theorycrafted draft for you later. At least, I’ll express my opinion this way.


Nice, original thought for a combo! :slight_smile: If you’re really dedicated to this combo (which is difficult to make reliable), I’d suggest to use Abjudicator to discount the Reflections and Cadences. Rev also has no place here if your combo also costs 8 typically. Maybe you could swap it for Chakram, which is both more reliable and a classic match with Flying? And yep you need some beefier early game to make those Flamewings and Reapers stick.


And how’s it going?


Feels much quicker on its feet but I haven’t played it a lot yet.


How about a flaky, hard to play meme? Damage reduction.

  • Silly games to try and transform Scarzig!
  • Breed Gibbet clones using the same tech!
  • Unclear win conditions!


Echoing Shriek was also “tested”, but felt extremely awkward so it was cut out.


Try adding at least some consistent wincons. I dunno, 2xRev or even 2xVariax. Just in case.


Reaper and DFC feel out of place here. Something simple like EMP & Revenant would work better. Spriggin and Visage are very bad cards even after their buffs, so unfortunately there isn’t probably a very good overall solution to make this deck work.


Yes it’s kind of random. I’m not sure what Reaper’s purpose could be, but I just noticed that my collection now has a full set of it so I want to experiment and understand this unit.
DFC on Gibbet is hilarious, and it’s also a luxury Scarzig enabler. I agree that these are poor excuses for using it though :slight_smile: It’s certainly not paying back as much as in a swarm crash.

Spriggin was here for Your Personal Lulz @miguelosz! haha :smiley: I don’t think it’s a very good top end without Chakram though. Revenant is the better minion and should replace it as you say!

Edit: I tried something more conventional

EDIT: This deck seems to work fine (at least at my low level on the ladder), Void Steal allows to trigger Scarzig in many situations. Feather Knight plus Shadow Reflection is insta-win.

EDIT 3: Now streamlined and more threatening.


since you have flamewing and reaper, you should consider running skywing. it should help with the tempo.

have you considered skywing? it also does 5 damage just like skywing. you always have initiative when you’re flying anyway, and you need the lower curve.

edit: skywing also does 5 damage just like flamewing


Hey @miguelosz, how do Q’orrhlma’a decks fare in the wake of the Trials of Mythron meta?
I’m considering crafting a set…


I’d guess worse than before, since Q decks finish the game typically around 8 rather than 7 mana. It’s been a while since I’ve last made a Qatharsis build actually. It’s a really cool card, soo many possibilities :slight_smile: But tricky to build around and play while not super powerful, so consider a little before crafting.


Fair enough! Thanks a lot for the advice.


After a few days of play testing, I’m pretty positive that the Abyssian Scarzig deck is much better without Scarzig. :sweat_smile:

But on the bright side I’m very much enjoying the “Twisted nurse Cassy” play style, where I use reliable healing and damage reduction to impose a good board and keep buff targets around.
Sellsoul is the flex spot of this deck.

Although I lost very hard to an Cyclone / Celerity / Backstab / no-minion Reva. :thinking:

I have no idea in what Archetype category my deck falls though. Aggro-midrange?
I had previously used Void Steal in a swarm deck, but it felt somewhat fragile. I actually like it much better with bodies that can take a second hit.