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This deck is absolutely nuts. I can confirm.


There is a simple solution to fix the problem of Mirrorrim poluting the releaser pool: just use Echoing Shriek :sirpenti: :sirpenti: :sirpenti:


What about Nethermeld (and trying to place Creep strategically)?
Or Dark Seed for more burn?


Some serious tempo play :sirpenti:


Some bones survive cremation so bonecrushing is the only sure fire solution :shell: :leg:


I crafted some expensive cards to play the deck. Mixed results.
(I’m sure I need to get better at using it.)
Bad things can happen if Bonecrusher never shows up:
But you also get to do things like this:


So is this a place to post a deck I built and get some feed back? I haven’t played in a year or so, and the new cards are CRAZY. If not could you direct me to an abyssian help center ? LOL. I never post or talk to anyone on here, always been a loner casual player.

anyway, thanks in advance !


I asked the exact same question when I posted my first decklist on here. The players here are very kind and give good advice about basically everything. Post anything related to the Abyssian faction and we will happily give feedback :smiley:.

Welcome back! :cake:



Make a separate thread and share your list. I’m no Abyssian expert, but I’ll be happy to help out however I can, along much better players.


So next question. How do I upload a deck ? Lol sorry I’m so needie I keep searching for stuff but all the directions are super vague.


Go to http://bagoum.com/deckbuilder
Click the cards you want, and when you’re done, click the save button (3rd button, under the general name)
Click Horizontal
Click Save/Imgur
Press the upload button on forums

…And you’re done :grinning:


You are very much free to post any Abyssian-related content here :slight_smile: This thread started as a place for my own decks, but it has gradually evolved into a general Abyss thread (so I get why you might be confused). Think of it like a pub, “Miguel’s”, where I’m just the pub/threadkeeper :slight_smile: Making a separate thread for your deck is obviously also very fine.


Man I can imagine if “Miguel’s” was a pub it’d be sick
Imagine all the hot Abyssian wamen I-I mean the cool aesthetics


I love pubs. I want such pub to exist.


You don’t happen to be in one right now, having a few, and then “a few” more, considering this sentence? :smile:


With how many restaurants have the name Miguel, you must be raking in the royalty fees :money_with_wings: :moneybag:



Ok guys. I can’t get the site to save the deck… I tried everything. It wont save for me… anyway heres the link to the deck. I was going to play lilith for it.

What I need help with is a bit more push or power. My hand is always full but I can’t really take on big late game challenges. Early game is great! But if the match goes on too long, the deck starts poopin out.

So I was thinking, what neutral cards would help, and should I throw in these cards –

Furiosa to play with cryptographers

Soulshatter pact

Furor chakram


Let me know what you think. I’m open for suggestions. Also I only have about 200 spirit.

Thanks guys !


Let me just pop your deck

Looks like a wraithling deck of sorts. I see Baronette :slight_smile:.
Things I would consider removing first:

  1. Meltdown: Looks so out of place in the deck. Look at how he is so out of the blue when everything else is purple :rofl:! In all seriousness it is too slow. Might work in some big guy deck with Dark Fire Sacrifice (DFS) but not this deck. Variax is also questionably slow but it does has synergy with all the wraithlings.
  2. Horrific Visage: It is more of a stall tool than a kill tool. More Void Steals look better here.
  3. Demonic Conversion: Fun steal card, but since it depends on what you get from opponent it is unreliable.
  4. Phantasm: Bit squishy. Not many great targets for effects. For example stuff like Kelaino and Shadowdancer that stay at back will waste the extra attack. Consider replacing with Healing Mystic, Primus Fist or even Bloodtear.

Furiosa is definitely good in many Lilithe decks with Cryptos.
Soulshatter might not be so great here. It is best in fast swarm decks.

Furor Chakram and Wraithcrown are good artfacts. Personal experience though haven’t been so great. I often feel too pressured to play them since you need minions to stick, cost quite a bit and need to care opponent doesn’t simply punch your artifacts off. However when my opponent plays, things look different. I get surprised by frenzy attacks. I will struggle to remove the artifacts in one turn, and my opponent then starts spamming scary minions :rage:.

If you want to play a big minion then Vorpal Reaver is a decent choice.
Daemonic Lure is what everyone says is a staple in Abyssian decks. Can’t go wrong putting it in your deck.
You say your hand is full now but if ever after some deck changes you do find yourself running out of cards then Bloodbound Mentor is good.
A Tiger or two might be good as a finisher late game. Sometimes opponents don’t let minions stick. Can combo with Shadow Relection, Void Steal and if added, Chakram.


My phone is killing me :frowning: I edited the inittial sentence to make more sence.

@bluebox15, apart from your deck having almost no adequate wincon (please, don’t be offended) you’re also on budget…

Sad for you, any classic Abyssian archetype traditionally demands lots of specific legendaries to be playable. Good for you, developers were so kind to include Furor Chakram into one of the latest expansions to present the one and only budget option for Swarm players…and Abyssian as a whole. Craft Chakram ASAP, it is arguably the best Abyssian card, and one of the best cards at all - and it’s just a rare iirc!

But maybe you don’t want to produce huge swarm, you want to produce huge individual wraithlings with Baronette? You may try my deck:

The core is pretty budget. The only epics are Wraithling Fury (never ever craft it, the card is generally bad, just substitute it with pretty any attack buff) and WraithCrown (this one is actually good, but niche, do as you please with this one). Other than that, the deck aims to leave at least one wraithling alive, discount a couple of spells with Abju, and then cast them and Baronette on that single wraithling for an OTK.

Can’t advice you this kind of deck, though. You’d better aim for more traditional swarm (with deathwatch synergy) since it works more consistently.

I tested a deck against DA once. 3 matches in a row he was equipping Chakram 1 turn earlier than me :frowning: The end is predictable. He is a pro…


Echoing what most other people have said: some of your cards are currently very suboptimal (Meltdown, Cacophynos, Phantasm, Visage and possibly Variax). Craft as many Chakrams as you can, you can use it literally in almost any Lilithe/Maehv deck. Replace Phantasm and Caco with Healing Mystic/Primus Fist and Primus Shieldmaster for starters, and you’ve got a much better working deck. Conversion is not as bad as people tend to think, you can keep it until you can craft smh like Bloodbound Mentor (who is a great card also for decks like Burn Faie, Wanderer, Egg Magmar etc.)