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You forget to say this deck also requires sunglasses Cassyva emote

*I play only 2 Sphere of Darkness and 2 Nether Summoning, plus 2 Dark Transformation



I’ve tried running bonecrusher + rebirth stuff before and had no luck with it. It’s just really fragile; everything hinges on pulling out bonecrusher early and getting a late game bonecrusher to stick.


Or 3 revivals and 8 mana.


I’ve also tested this concept a couple of times with no luck. Cool that there’s actually a good build :mysticup:


Releaser is a pretty fun card, it just only works in a few very specific/fringe decks.


Or simply cadence to victory :mysticup:

I also did additional testing with my Abyssia deck and discovered that it does not do well against non-minion reliant, artifact, hyperswarm/wraithling centric, or other decks that don’t rely on strong minions.

It did manage to win against a lilithe variant of Wanderer and Strategy Brome though!


My awesome stats last month:
Achieved rank:10
Chevrons: 18
Starting rank: 19


I managed to hit top 50 with my hybrid xor! It’s probably because so many people were memeing with Titan though.

Plan A is to develop a swarm with bloodtide priestess, heavily damage and scare off the opponent with chakram/dfc, and secure the win the Xor/chakram/dfc/dancer/desolator.

Plan B is combo gor/sarlac + fugitive + spells to rush out Xor. Aphotic to stay alive, DFC to damage/scare off the opponent.

Plan C is to buff minions up with shaman/DFC, and hope they stay alive long enough to do some damage, preferably with chakram.

… things never seems to go to plan though. It’s really common to lose half your health trying to stick down a few minions before getting something to attack the enemy.

On the other hand, the deck has some ridiculous highrolls, the craziest of which was pulling Xor out on turn three against Scarzig.

The deck does really well against:

  • Fault Zirix (the teleporting minions + bbs is really good at grabbing mana tiles, their dervishes provide a ton of fuel to deathwatch)
  • Titan (they can’t deal with bloodtide priestess).
  • Artifact Saji (You can’t stop Saji from completing the trial, but Dancer, desolator, gor/sarlac, and swarm can deal with artifacts easily.)

The deck doesn’t do well against:

  • Ziran (Ziran’s large number of removal options make building a swarm difficult. Winning against them is possible with a well timed chakram or DFC)
  • Ragnora (… I don’t think I need to explain why. Winning against them is possible with a well timed chakram)
  • Decispikes (Unblockable damage + Maehv’s bbs is not a good combination. Winning against them is possible by going full aggro with DFC. There’s practically no chance of living long enough to pull out Xor.)

The deck can’t deal with:

  • move/backstab Kaleos. (… I have won against them before, but it was just dumb luck.)

The deck does ok against everything else:

  • The teleporting minions + bbs can quickly chase down low minion decks such as mantra.
  • Fugitive + spells to stall and heal.
  • DFC + spell spam for surprise attacks.
  • Shaman is one of the few ways abyssian can avoid rebuke. Shaman’s buff on priestess is really important and opens up a lot of possibilities.
  • The rest is normal swarm stuff.


Thanks :slight_smile: I collected it!


I threw the following deck together on a whim yesterday evening, because we don’t have a large enough Abhorrent Unbirth variety in our lives.

Win by buffed swarm onslaught or Unbirth. Probably not brilliant, strong or innovative, but Jaxi and Wind Runner make it worthy of mention in the meme category. :smiley:

Dream play lies in dropping a Rush minion, grabbing 6+ buffs from Wind Runner moving to the middle of your swarm and playing Abhorrent Unbirth.

Tested against @cookedpoo who won because he’s a much better player than me.
If you have fine Unbirth decks besides @deathsadvocate’s Mech Abomination, please link them for me! :slight_smile:


Is Replicant enough to proc Metaltooth? I think I’d prefer Mirkblood over Wind Runner, but it’s a fun idea :slight_smile:


I think Replicant is enough to activate Metaltooth, it’s a minion that keeps popping up in your hand without effort, so the combo is not so hard to keep together in my experience.
A few variants would be worth comparing though, if I have time:

  • Deathfire Crescendo instead of Soulshatter Pact
  • Cannon of Mechaz0r instead of Wind Runner
  • LeTigress somewhere if I had her

I don’t have Mirkblood Devourer sadly, but given how randomly the Wraithlings spawn I fear it would be too hard for me to position things smartly enough to get optimal results. Wind Runner is slower but provides a more controllable yield.


Technically, I only won because you missed lethal 2 turns in a row :stuck_out_tongue:
It was a pretty strong mid-range Swarm Lilithe deck and Unbirth isn’t really needed, but its a fine card to add in as Chakram + developed board/Rush is good enough. Similar to Miguel, I would try to replace Windrunner with another card like Mirkblood, or even Locke.


I would recommend Locke even over Mirkblood. Provoke Abomination of a respectable size is a nice threat even without Rush.



This deck took a long time in the making, the final version being like 4th or 5th fully tested one in total. At first glance it looks like a standard Maehv DW deck but it actually plays out a little differently. It’s easier to explain what the deck does by looking at its priority plays, so here goes:

turn 1-2: Carrion Collector & Lurking Fear. Ramp it up, and ramp fast. Three mana reductions for dying wish minions is usually the sweet spot we’re trying to achieve asap. Alternatively, you can beef it up early on with the tried Horn Shaman-Crypto combo.

Every turn after 1-2 Collectors/Lurks: Nekomata & Void Hunter: These are the card to replace for early on, that keep your hand size decent while moving onto mid-/late game.

Turn 3-5: Dioltas, Gnasher & Cacophynos. These 4-drops provide the perfect blend of aggression combined with good defensive capabilities, and are pretty decent when played for 1-2 mana. With Horn Shaman, they become big board contesters as well.

Late game: Ramped Desolators for infinite heals, Chakram once you establish any good board presence for burn + clear, and finally Rite which becomes basically a 6-mana Monolithic Vision when you have 3+ dying wish ramp.

Winrate was 14-6 (70 %) in Silver.

Looking for Feedback For my Abyss Deck [Update]

Anyone available to test a mindlathe interaction?

The gist of it is this; if you attack (or damage) a battle pet with mindlathe do you keep it permanently?

Had it happen to me where opponent was hit by my ooz while mindlathe was equipped at which point ooz remained his(?) even past the end of their turn


Mindlathe does work on Battle Pets (unless you attack the pet yourself), but I think I’ve never seen the stolen pet live for more than the one turn. Interesting if it works that way.


Given lots of high attack minions and premium draw I would try to squeeze some Tigers and Abhorrent in there.


Call @kevin2hard and see if he can make a 50 card deck for you :smile:

In all seriousness, for Rite it’s important to have as many Dying Wish minions here as possible to avoid overdraw and make those late Rite plays especially deadly. Interesting idea still!


Regarding the Bonecrusher deck, doesn’t The Releaser’s pool get polluted by Mirrorim and anything you Mindlathe(-kill) or Nether Summoning?