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Sry man, you’ll be disappointed to know that I cruised into diamond with this (not that that’ll change the silver matchmaking though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Yep I was not referring to the deck’s strength, but rather that when I receive salty comments about my decks ig it’s always when playing something ridiculous like this (and usually from Silver/Gold players) :stuck_out_tongue:


Speaking of Silver, I’ll be happily frustrating players in rank 19-10 next month (or does it start from 20?). Played way too little and too stupid stuff this season to even reach Diamond :sirpenti:


I try to avoid it and climb to at least diamond. Gold 8 now :slight_smile:


Same, this is my first time not reaching at least Diamond for like 15 seasons. Well, at least I can maybe test some stuff that’s unplayable higher up (although I’ve been having too many stupid Apex ideas lately so it may end to me just teaching beginners the ways of frustration).


I did some testing on that matter.
Second number is the number of chevrons you got as bonus at the start of the new season. Last number is amount of chevrons you have in your new rank.

Rank 6 --> 22 to Rank 18
Rank 10 --> ? to Rank 19
Rank 5 --> ? to Rank 11 (0)
Rank 22 --> 6 to Rank 25
Rank 20 --> ? to Rank 23
Rank 21 --> 7 to Rank 24
Rank 0 --> ? to Rank 11 (0)
Rank 8 --> ? to Rank 19 (2)
Rank 20 --> 8 to Rank 24
Rank 9 --> 19 to Rank 19 (1)
Rank 10 --> 18 to Rank 19 (0)
Rank 0 --> 46 to Rank 11 (0)
Rank 27 --> 1 to Rank 29 (0)

A 17 games win streak brings you straight back to Gold if you had rank 10 before.

It is kinda hard to do the testing because first you can only do it once a month and second it is so easy to just click it away by accident…


Unfortunately win streaks are a thing, you have play really badly to loose and stay in silver




This is actually really interesting data, thanks! :slight_smile:


This is good information. :star_struck:


Thanks, great to help you :slight_smile:

If you don’t get to Diamond this season you could tell me what rank you ended on, how many chevrons you got and which rank with chevrons you start the season with.

Diamond and S-rank are easy, they always start at 11. But the other ranks are more interesting.


I’ll try to remember :slight_smile: indeed it’s so easy to miss this


Figured I’d drop a updated list.

S rank 24 atm with my last climb being 27 wins and 5 losses, likely it for me this month, might push more later tonight if I have time, idk.

October Top 50 Post!

Nice! I like how you pulled Siren from the depths of your collection, definitely better than pulveliser.

Lightbender is a tech against what?


Trail Abyss, Fault, Vaath, Walls, mainly Ziran etc, it’s pretty good as a 2 of I feel.


Stealing @vbcfbhc ,s oneshot Abyssian

He is doing alright with it in S…seriously managed to find a good use for the releaser :sweat:


A use for Releaser? That’s unpossible


I played against a Bonecrusher Cass with Silhouette Tracers and Shadow Reflections yesterday. That was interesting and fun. They lost though, Growmar with Progenitor puts too much stuff on board.


Wow, ArtiCass with kiting?!! Wanna play Songhai in my Abyssian, going to build something like this :slight_smile: