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Crawlspace sounds cozy (although it probably shouldn’t, I mean crawling isn’t so comfortable)


apparently it’s like the foundation for American houses.


Are you leaving this thread to die, @miguelosz ? I can’t believe you have no more barely viable and funny ideas. I’m your dedicated reader!

Just a bump.


Haha, thanks! I’ve been bumping the thread several times. Now I’ve been mostly gauntletting for a change and the Memesis deck took it’s share of time too. But don’t worry, I will be back with a next generation of ridiculously expensive things! :slight_smile:


All legendaries!.. Wait… That is abyss anyway!


Update: Laddered from 9 to 7 with a certain deck I’m really in love with, and then hit one of my most annoying losestrikes ever. I don’t want to turn this completely to a salt post (although current state of Lilithe kinda saddens me and has done so for a loong time), so let’s just say that whatever the next deck posted here will be, it’s gonna take some more time. Hopefully then I’ll have regained my usual positivity :-/


I played a match against this deck once and lost horribly. My opponent was able to ramp out Ruby Rifter with Darkfire Sacrifice. :no_mouth:


He can certainly catch people off guard :stuck_out_tongue: Much like ramped Vorpals sometimes do.


F8D had no idea what was coming for him…


A Salty Widow

The name of the deck comes from my experiences with Abyss lately, and the fact that this deck is pretty good at also hating some other decks back when it highrolls. So, a replace deck, what’s so special here? We’ve got all the replacey stuff: Aethermasters and Theobule most importantly, who enable the following: “yo anyone got that 15 dmg burst?” Wings, shoot-at-every-moving-thing for 6 times in a row White Widows, and “hey you wanna build an army, I’ve got just what you need”-Krons.

What the deck does is pretty self-explanatory. Build your squad, and then replace your thought patterns, diet, values, mother and dignity. Over, and over again. Why does it function kinda well? The support. The deck has a total of 9 easy cycles in the form of Sphere, Inkling and Replicant, + Desolators of course. We need lots of cards in hand for Theobule to be effective, and Inkling is the main reason to use Lili over Cass for the deck. That, and the wraithlings provide easy distraction in the early game. Nightmare Operants are a bit meh but I guess if you really want to look for that single MechaZ0r in your deck with this one there’s a pretty good chance of actually seeing a trace of him.

Winrate is 12-8 (60%) in Gold, pretty nice all in all. Now excuse me while I’ll do something I haven’t done in a looong ago and go ladder a bit with a different faction.


What is this heresy! A replace deck that doesn’t run the one true hero: Astral Crusader! You have invoked the fury of a 0 mana 14/13, prepare to be smited:


Meanwhile, nobody cares about poor Dreamgazer :magsad:


I have this list thingy where I record my winrates by deck, named something simple like “Z0rlithe” or “Replace” etc. Today I was testing a Gambler/Elkowl+Reflection deck which I named “A Fun Interaction”, so the list was named “Interaction”. That was definitely not very effective so you won’t be hearing from it again any time soon.

Anyway, I deleted the list after running some games. So the program says “Interaction will be deleted Forever” :sweat: pls nooo


has there been anyone who was able to make astral crusader work? (as in, pull him with a decent amount of replaces)


The only guy I’ve ever seen to even put Astral Crusaderin a deck in the first place is Thezohan. The biggest I recall him deploying is a 5 mana 9/8 Astral Crusader, although he might of had a better pull I am not aware of. This all happened a long time ago during the Vanarcanyst meta, before Theobule was a thing.


Since the day when Shim’zar and a bunch of other cards will leave us draws nearer all the time, I decided to see if I could pull of a deck completely out of rotating cards. Worked out surprisingly ok:

Fear of Rotation

The deck is obviously very light on removal (Obliterate is actually the best removal heh, also 1-off Echoing Shrek again am I doin’ it rite) but other than that it has a solid gameplan of building creep and developing removal baits before hopefully dropping some Klaxons followed by Azaleas or Obliterates. Obviously I’ve got most dem feels about my favorite Doolyst card and meme, Lurking Fear rotating out, but I’m also sad for Dioltas who has been my LF deck staple for almost a year now. RIP in that Tombstone. I’m also hoping for a real Thunderhorn counter to arrive in the next expansion (a man’s gotta dream hey) so I can take all my stupid Inkhorns, Oozes, Gors and Mantellas and shove them into everyones’ face in Unranked :sirpenti:

Winrate was 4-6 (40%) in Gold, so basic playable meme material.

I raise a glass to all you fellow Denizens of Shim’zar! May our memes live long and prosper.


Everybody Dies

Gotta test out all of dem Lurking Fear decks! This time I tried to put some of my lesser used cards into use, for some unconventional ways to proc deathwatch effects. The name of the deck is pretty self-explanatory: everything except Tracer just wants to die, and between Dankfire, Aphotic Drain, Ritual and Vellumscry there’s more than enough ways to benefit from that. Moody undead emo warriors for the win.

Curve is low enough to run both 3x Neko and Vellumscry, which also helps out in fetching whatever it is we might need at a certain moment. Might have wanted to stuff in some Revs and dispel, but I couldn’t find the room without breaking the theme of the deck too much. DFCs and Grimwars should be kept in hand usually. With Tracers it’s perfectly viable to keep distance, buff your Grimwar(s) to max and teleport to that sweet surprise lethal. I even managed to win against a certain skilled streamer with the deck (although admittedly with the help of a few good draws) so it can’t be all bad! WR was 8-7 (53%) in Gold.


Oldskool Swarm

Guys, I did it! After so much time (like half a year or so) I found a “normal” swarm Lilithe deck that a) is not hyperswarm, b) suits my tastes and c) actually does not feel like you’re fighting enemies with technology that is 4 eras behind in a strategy game. I named it “oldskool” since Cryptographer is just a second, better Wraithling Swarm and besides Replicant and Chakram everything else here has been around for ages. Oh, and it’s rotation proof too if I’m correct? Cool.

LitD Vet lists have been skipping Bone Swarm lately in their lists, which suits us swarmers very nicely. So, as long as you keep your Priestesses, Shadowdancers and Vorpals close to your general, from 4 mana on you often get to summon an inevitable wave of must-remove minions. There’s only so many Thunderhorns, Blood of Airs and Makantors one can play in a game after all! Bloodmoon Priestesses are excellent removal bait, and when they go off they go off in style. Vorpal into Shadowdancer is as good a combo as ever, and both cards are made even better with the existence of Furor Chakram. And if all else fails, there’s always the absolute piece of skillplay that is EMP. Wait is that Jax Truesight? Yeah I like Jax Truesight. With Soulshatter Pact, you can go way back in your mind and think you’re playing Vanar, when times were more simple and strategic.

I went to Diamond with the deck, with 16-5 (76%) winrate in Gold. Finally, already this early in the month I’m behind that barrier where memes can be taken to the max :sirpenti:


Btw my new favorite play against Vanar is to develop a fully protected Bloodmoon Priestess, place my general right behind it, and drop a Shadowdancer somewhere. In Soviet Abyssia, your warbird deals 2 damage to yourself :mysticup:

Until Shimzarhorn appears. Good riddance!


How powerful is Jax here? How often do you manage to get value out of it?