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Dunno, I rarely meet dedicated ranged decks on ladder, and even then we pack Lure and Banishing.

And I reached Diamond 2 more than once with it as a matter of fact.


Awkward bump and stuff I guess.

So for the first time in 3 years, much to my shock and horror I made my trip to S rank with a non Songhai deck, weird times fam.

The list in question:

Budget (er) version

Main idea is to have the strong developing starts available to swarm but easier transition into the mid and lategame, either by using Crown to grow your swarm past common removal, using Lady Locke to lock opponents down and setting up chakram turns.

For the version i used Kron is fantastic at bridging your early swarm pressure and stalling for your artifacts/Rev, latter of which does obscene damage with Chakram since it procs +4 damage for each enemy hit by the initial frenzy.

Abyss main


I actually used this in time of relaxation:

And it works well in my second account (dedicated to abyss) and got me to rank 2 this week with ease.
I actually have no idea why ir what i did well.

I’m an abyss noob.


Pulverizer is probably veeeeery suboptimal. What use do you see of him?


In actuality, I’d consider pulverizer one of the best 2 drops available to me not named Cryptographer. The ability to have a cheap provoke unit to lock a opponent in place in a deck such as swarm is invaluable and will often net you more wins that that Shiro or primus that pushed/threatened that little extra damage but allowed your opponent to just walk away.

Pulverizer is good here but in faster swarm its damn near terrifying and subsequently one of the absolute best 2 drops available to Wanderer /Ragnora players.


Putting additional Locke and Crown instead still seems much more powerful for me.


Good deck. I actually Think midrange lilithe is the best abyss deck right Now, crown and chakram are amazing.
I have to test lady lock, never try it


Swarm ez just pretty strong :slight_smile:

Good to see Jay’s and your lists working neatly! Make Dooly dark again


My version is still working nicely.


How often do you get to play Bastion here @alplod?


I try to play Bastion as soon as I can against non Wanderer Magmar, even if it means losing on tempo. Bastion + BBS on 4 is OK.

Against Wanderer tempo is more important, so Furiosa and Crown are priorities. We are low on removal, so having healthy amount of powerful swarm is our only way to deal with big bodies.

Bastion is also pretty useful in Swarm Lil mirrors, but not too much.

If game goes slow way Bastion can actually produce lots of value, so if the opponent starts running away, Bastion is a good option.


Unironically since you’re running Bastion I like Jax in the jammer slot.

I will however say that Chakram absolutely feels like the more important artifact.


I see the love for chakram as a matter of preference. Crown provides sustain and is also at the very useful 4-mana slot, that makes it more powerful in my eyes for a wraithling deck.


Friends of dubious experiments, I haven’t had time to playtest this.
On a theoretical standpoint, how wrong am I?

I’m very wary of the top-heavy mana curve for example.


Tiger, Letigress, only then firestarter for Unbirth Combo.


Neat idea, but I’m doubtful on the consistency. This deck absolutely requires to have a board to pull off combos (which are definitely dank), but that seems quite hard with the small mechs+Chassis setup?


Yep. A lucky test in low silver was fun, but I just got a sobering (but friendly :sweat_smile:) dose of reality with @boronian just now.
Scratch this deck (although I actually like Firestarter).


It was kinda unfair to bring Ragnora to a deck without any ping (beside lure). Though on the other hand your deck needs some Skorn or similar stuff to answer a lot of threats in this meta.

But it was fun!


I’ve been having too much fun with this deck to not share it with y’alls!


Good 'ol slice of steal with a hint of damage for good measure; RoNine1comes in clutch way too often to count, from Decimus to Bio. Hulk, it was already an insane amount of value for it’s price, what more when discounted by C.Collector?

Mindlathe2 also coming in clutch, working to secure good trades or even as a simple damage deterrent, it’s a multi-purpose tool and supplements instances where 2 drops are few and far between.

And last, but not least; SS Kelaino3 comes back from obscurity and she brought with her a whole lotta souvenirs! aka, great heals

On the topic of creep

Yielding depths and Obliderate may seem like odd choices, but I’ve found myself generating at least 3-4 creep each game (maybe due to the high volume of rag/reva/punishable targets) which is enough to clear the board of the errant true jaxi/swarmy nonsense. Y.Depths is also decently costed for it’s value as a cheap, low drawback card draw.

1 Offs

Though often discouraged, having 1 of each of these cards benefits me as they are all cards you want sometimes, but not everytime. Betrayal to punish Zeal/Wanderer decks (They often have their generals up and center up until board dominance is established. Capitalize on that little fact and suddenly their goody 7/7 is a liability). Obliderate isn’t really meant to be an otk as much as it is to help thin the board. You won’t be able to generate a lot of creep so having more than 1 could result in dead draws. U.t.E helps close the game and punishes big minion plays (I’m still hoping to run into a worldcore player :crossed_fingers:). Unfathomable Rite also works in tandem with the stealing portion of the deck, though I have yet to make use of it :sweat_smile:.


Did you know that the original DOOMTM can be played on odd devices such as calculators and ATM’s? Blew my mind when I heard about it.


Forces them to trade a minion or dispel into it and the constant ping works great with SS Kelaino and anti-artifact efforts.

Well that’s it from me. I hope you enjoy the deck!


RoNine spawned a game winning Hulk
Fun Fact: He had summoned a crypto the turn before and the only reason why I don’t have a 6 damage sized dent in my face is because he didn’t want to lose his drogon to my mindlathe!


Mindlathe doing wonders against a T2 Grimes
Fun Fact: I actually converted 1 of his makantors T1 and snagged a second to finish off the game!


A cool Hydrogarm + Sister(s) combo :wink:


Incoming “nirf Abyss it’s too unfair” comments from Silver players :stuck_out_tongue: