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Vast understatement :slight_smile:
I had very (very) bad luck yes, but maybe I piloted it the wrong way too (trying both to prevent your Mech-horn from snowballing and to progress Xor’Xuul at the same time was hard).

In my current tests with Nightmare-Nekomata-Deceptib0t-Chakram, I finally feel that this is a bit awkward, a tad too costly/slow maybe? Although very reliable on the tutor side up to Nekomata. It’s the top end that feels fragile, where you haven’t built a board and you have to play two 5-mana pieces. I haven’t found my footing there yet, and I’m starting to think that I should try without Chakram…

That artefact is godly when you have built a small board before dropping it, but here you’re actively triggering Death Wishes so you’re super light on board presence. This deck has Gor though, so why not?

Deceptib0t could be -1, and we could remove the 2 Spectral Blades to make room for a control piece of some sort. This deck feels like it needs some breathing space.

I can’t say a lot more, as Maehv and Xor’Xuul haven’t been my cup of tea so far.


Now that’s an Abyssian deck I want to play.


You have enough 2 drops already. Toss Gor for Sarlac. It has better synergy with Chakram.


Maybe the necessary inclusion is Qlmmhhoorororaaiaoa. For consistency’s sake, so that even without chakram, decptibot summons mechazor, as all your operants are removed.

Instead I might replace spectral blade and 1 chakram for an azure horn shaman, to ensure more consistency with the above combo. It not only allows you to develop threats quick, with qtip you can just go ahead and not care about hte contents of your deck. But there goes your spirit then…

@miguelosz Rebirth is probably a good idea. i can feel my spirit slipping away from me… Guess I have to sell my sleep to the devil huh.

@alplod sarlac probably is better, but I’ve always thought that its a little unworthy of the spirit cost… But my experience with Maehv is limited, so you tell me.

I presume something like this, with the number of qtips, decptibots and azure herald and shamans willing to change…


Or just reduce Operants to 1 or 2 max.


Well, isn’t the point of the deck to drop infinite mechazor? I guess you can still draw it somewhat reliably draw it if you have a nekomata, but nevertheless, with either sarlac or gor in your card pool, and bad draw, things may not end as well as you want it to…


Maehv or not, but the ability to always have at least one CONTROLLABLE minion is hard to overestimate. Especially with Chakram.

Using Qguy though Gor has its advantages, though I’m not sure if Q is worth it.


Hmm… it’s just an idea to improve consistency. I havn’t tested with a lot of these cards really.


The thing with Quokka is that it’s always a tempo loss to include (playing a bare 6 mana 6/6 plus having a deck full of 2-drops is not very good), so the payoff (ie. what your deck becomes after playing him) should be really powerful. I have played a lot of Q decks and posted I think four so far (some in this thread), which you may look for reference if you’re interested in taking that route :slight_smile:


If you feel your spirit slipping away, all I can say is “great, welcome to the Abyss” :smiley:


Still in my Mech phase, I am currently toying with the idea of implanting the Nekomata-Operant-Deceptib0t spine into an aggro deck. It’s a solid draw engine in essence, so that makes it fit well in a deck with a faster game plan and lower curve. The Mechaz0rs aren’t you main win condition, but are frequent enough - If you like them, you’ll play them around the 6-mana mark, if you haven’t found a quicker path to victory by then.

I have very little experience with the aggro play style though, this list is probably off in some aspects. I’d like to hear from you experts.

One question that I have is: This sort of deck provides very little removal bait. Or does it? I feels like the mid-range opponent will have little incentive to use their removal before Deceptb0t / Mechaz0r hits… But maybe that’s good because while holding on to it, they take in the full damage of an unbridled aggro deck?

No idea. Has anyone tried something similar and could share some insight?


Don’t use Alpha if you want to be fast. Dark Seed and Betrayal are much better for aggro purposes. You already have Void Talon for a small removal bait, maybe Bonecrusher could work as well (although makes you vulnerable to Songhai). Deceptibot costs 5, so it’s not too bad if the opponent spends 4-5 mana removing him instead of healing.


Thanks, solid advice and good observation. I think I will do that.

BTW, I was just reading a very old thread about Grincher in an Aggro context, and while everything else could pretty much be off the mark nowadays, the Grincher squirrel recently got a buff. It’s sort of slow too, but so is Deceptib0t when you look at it this way.
If you’re willing to sacrifice speed for memery, there are lots of options. :slight_smile:


That was a fun read, thanks! I especially enjoyed remarks like “you should watch out for cards like Spelljammer” :smile: And aargh those old decklists hurt my eyes! We have truly come a long way from this.

As for Grincher, I’ve mainly used him in midrange/artifact combo lists. If you’d like to try that approach, I’d be happy to provide feedback. He is one of my favorites, and the aggro approach might be very cool, although it might easily end up to be just an unoptimal version of the typical aggro lists.


@bepoest, Since I love artifact builds I tested Grincher extensively in Hai, Vet, Vanar and Mag and I have to say…it’s really bad now. Since the time of this post artifact pool is much larger now and there are more synergy specific and 0 attack artifacts. Getting Wrathcrown in Hai or Gauntlet in Abyss is a waste.

That said, it’s still a draw on a decent body, but it becomes worse with every expansion…


The lucky draws from Grincher are too far and away, unfortunately you’re right. I still play my “Vaatever Grincher” deck once in a while, in the hope to draw that Wildfire Ankh again… It mostly disappoints sorely.


@alplod @miguelosz
Boys i need help with an idea that really i hqve no idea how to execute

How to make it work?:slight_smile:
I dream on running klaxon on lilith


Run gate and get not only Klaxon and Vorpal, but more?
Ok on a more serious note, run Pluck with Alcuin Fugitive(who is already really good with DFS), get infinite creep and infinite wraithlings. Oh, and run Charkram+Vorpal


Tormentor won’t 98 % surely work in this, indeed use Vorpal instead. Pluck has some antisynergy with Nocturne (creep summoned under minions won’t summon wraithlings for you) but is otherwise decent with Alcuins. Always keep one Pluck in hand when using this strategy, and keep recycling it (I actually use both Alcuins for that). A couple of Ghost Azalea/Soul Grimwar, depending on if you focus more on Creep or Swarm are always an efficient plan B for finishers.


it will be most helpful if you can put it down to a list, i’m having hard time
seeing it:)