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Were you the one that encouraged me to play infest on stream? I certainly had fun with it and was pleasantly surprised with how effective it was. Here was my final result that I added to the master thread:


Don’t remember, but I do usually encourage you to do off-meta decks/cards while in your stream. So can’t say it was 100% wasn’t me.


Awesome! Infest is a fun card, those Grasp/Lure combos can be very satisfying :slight_smile: I have a more burn-focused deck (“Seeds of Infest”) in this thread with a similar idea. I hadn’t thought about it, but Infest might indeed be pretty effective in general in the current meta.


Here’s what I brewed for Xor with your cool “Meat Cannon” idea :slight_smile: Steal-type cards provide good sacrifice targets, such as when the opponent plays around Tormentor by playing a cheap minion or when you get bad Reaper rng. I don’t like Xor at all in general, so I only did limited tests (3-3 in Gold) but it feels pretty much on par with most other Xor builds, pretty average all in all. The idea might have some potential if someone with more motivation wants to refine it.


Oh, and against the usual opinion I’ve decided that Chakram is one of the best payoff cards for Xor (it can be pretty good pre-trial, while it’s absolute bonkers post-trial).


oh cmon, you linked the wrong one >:0


Oops, sorry.

Edited it.


Introducing: Plaguebringer Cass

The idea of this deck is to wittle the opponent down with 1-2 dmg pings(and summon as many hexclaws as possible). It is currently in deveopment, so I would like suggestions on what to add/remove from the deck(plz dont say hexclaw, he feels like he is home)


What about using some ramp of any kind?


I would use the Abyss Trial along side Hexclaw. That way if the trial completes you can get infinite Hexclaws.


Your deck (basing it off of infest and grasp) benefits from your opponent summoning stuff so things like komodo hunter and (to a lesser extent of suggestion) spriggin would work best.

Edit: take out gor and/or sarlac since they don’t add much to your wincon


Very well, I won’t say anything :wink:


But in all seriousness, given the theme of the deck I’d add some Skorns and at least one more Kelaino, that’s a fun little heal burst combo if your Kelaino happens to stick for a turn


@alexx55, I want to know…

Did you craft them?


Hexclaws? On the day of release! I didnt thik they would be as horrible…


the thing is this is not a pure infest list, It is just a bunch of littel dmg wittling down the enemy, and nothing does the job better than infinite sarlac/gor with shadowdancer


Hmm, Skorn does sound good, and has a great synergy with Kelaino/Shadowdancer, will definitely try out!


Trial eh? I have seen many trial cass lists, but i never tried one myself…Will have to test


A theorycrafted deck that I really want to craft and try out, any advice would work. Now this particular meme is an absolute madhouse. The very simple idea is to continue dropping nightmare operants with mirrorims, or even replicating the mechazors in your deck, and then summoning them all with deceptibot chakram combos. You fish for all these nightmare operants from your deck using nekomata, since there are only 6 minions with dying wish in this deck. Everything else is healing, and fodder for maehv’s bbs, with underlord Xor’xuul as a back up win con. If you do get xor’xuul to go off, then we can have fun with infinite mechazors. There is no particular reason to include spectral blade, but I couldn’t think of anything better to use instead.

@bepoest tried this deck out in a friendly, and it didn’t end well for him.


Try Consuming Rebirth, it progresses the trial and combos nicely with Operant (also the +1/+1 is very nice on him). If you have issues with draw, a couple Vellumscry wouldn’t hurt too.