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I did consider streaming at one point, most of my decks are indeed pretty good streamer material (they might not be the most powerful out there but usually feature some unique interaction or a fun synergy). It’s just that between family, work and my other music hobbies my schedules are so varied that streaming is not really an option at this point. And I wonder if my toaster of a laptop could handle streaming anyway :smiley: But who knows! If this game sticks around for a long time then “never say never”.


Good article:) I would personally drop rust crawler for void pulse and 2 rites for mindlathe. Both pulse and mindlathe fit the decks theme, pulse gives you more healing while countering artifact and you still have 9 t1 plays (herald, mystic, blade). Mindlathe is perfect against wanderer and big minions in general, giving you a potential powerfull burst. Also it force your opponent to play his minions very carefully. Bonus point its cool;)


I’ve considered void pulse as a nice burn tool, ping, and healing, but the only reason I decided not to include it is I wanted 9 2 drops, and the curve would be even lower with void pulse. Rust crawler also does what I would usually want void pulse to do; break artifacts, but they both are interchangeable in terms of the deck.

For Mindlathe the only reason I don’t have it in the deck is because I don’t have 3 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mindlathe is fine as a 2-of, since it’s a bit matchup-specific (usually does nothing against Fault or Mantra for example). Very good card still indeed.


I still haven’t play tested enough with Mindlathe yet, but Spectral blade is a better budget option and discourages the enemy general from attacking you. Mindlathe is certainly a very good card in certain match-ups, but until I do more testing on when exactly to use it, I’ll suggest Spectral Blade over it.


Just a message to let you know that I just found @deathsadvocate’s perfect deck on this idea of nekomata operant deceptib0t, which wasn’t so original after all, but also not so crappy!

Hail to the king!


Unfortunately that is very old. Sphere, thunder, and bot all got hit hard. Plus such an old package just wouldn’t keep up with todays meta. A quick rough draft update if your committed to trying to make it work:


Just sort of an anti meta midrange list. Ping for eggs, healing for aggro, emp for walls/artifacts, rev/chakram shenanigans to help against fault. Rocking lilith for further chakram synergy/reliable darkfire fuel.


Dear fellow Abyssians! I have a secret to share. But tsss, don’t tell anyone else.

I’m having massive success with dedicated Blood Baronette combo deck currently in Silver-Gold, even beaten some top S-Rankers.

The deck is:

It requires efficient positioning to ensure at least one wraithling lives. But the pay off is awesome.

I insist anyone who knows how to handle swarms try it.

EDIT. I play Sojourner now in place of Loreweaver.

EDIT2. @deathsadvocate, I dare you try it and be proud of me :slight_smile:


Awesome! Do you still draw your one-off Gloomchaser every game? :smile:


I might have a secret to share as well, but it will have to wait because its my deck for Meltdown.


Not always, but it doesn’t spoil the fun :slight_smile:


I have been meaning to revisit Baron for quite some time now, and Wraith Crown has also been on my to do list. Glad to see both getting some love and even in tandem. Your deck seems to be lacking opening plays and answers, but I like the idea.


Hey, I have 10 opening plays of varying quality!

And Void Pulse Steal can act as removal! Lure is also an answer. Actually, any buff can act as a removal in a pinch. But it’s rarely needed. You always lose in tempo (if you haven’t found the crown) but it doesn’t matter cause you OTK at 7 mana.

Sir, it’s not as bad as it seems. Not a tourney choice, of course, but for laddering purposes it is quite astonishing to opponents.


Remove opponents face?


It should be Void Steal.


Reading your post, I thought in amazement for two seconds that has someone actually found a working deck with post-nerf Meltdown. Then I realized what you refer to :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually tried to use it in OX deck, but found out that pretty any 8 mana option is better. Even Khimera.


@alplod in response to your Baronnete decklist


Speaking of which, I consistently beat Wanderer Rag in Gold with the deck. Egg Rag is much more pain though…


writes it down

I think I know what I might be trying for next week now. Just need the spirit for cards now.