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I guess this is a new topic for me to post random questions.

I never played Cassiva outside of Creep and now that I’m thinking of new decks to build, among other ideas, I decided to make an Abyssian burn. Or something like that.

This is what I came up with

First of all, what do you call this? Aggro, tempo, burn? It’s hard for me to tell the difference.
Second, the cards. I have only 2 of Deso, Purgatos & R9 and 1 of Hex & Lathe, thus the odd amounts. As I’m currently kinda tearing between crafting for decks & crafting for memes, I’d like to craft only the most necessary parts.
I know it was said that Hexclaw is bad, but I still want to run him, even if just for kicks. Though I do think that he’s perfectly playable after that silent rework I missed. What do you think?
What other suggestions do you have?
Xerroloth and Convertion are there for pseudo draw. Assassin, Hex and Gibbet all feel a bit memey, but I’m trying to figure them out with all the ideas I got on the forum.

And now the real question: what would happen if you steal/copy your opponent’s Mythron? Is it even possible? What if you fulfill his trial? I know that it’s not Aby-exclusive question, but I feel like they have most/best options for that.


I’m no expert in Abyss, so I’ll let others give advice on deckbuilding. I can however answer a few of your other questions.

As a person who made decks dedicated to stealing other’s Mythrons, I can say that it is certainly possible to steal Mythrons although it is not very practical to do so. If you steal a Mythron with something like Mindlathe or Dominate Will you will just get a vanilla minion without the destiny effect. The only way to get the Destiny effect is by fulfilling the trial and getting a copy of a Mythron in your hand so you can play it, which in Abyss is only possible via Bound Tormentor if your opponent plays into it.

Also, even though I said I wouldn’t criticize your deck I can’t help but advise you to remove Hexclaw. He is even worse that Spinecleaver and not worth running.


Sharing this replay again (not mine).


You have a good general idea for burn but the deck needs some tweaking:.
-Hexclaw is the worst Abyssian card ever. Especially when you have few other beefy minions it will just get removed always, and its effect does essentially nothing.
-Nightsorrow needs Blood Siren with it to be worth running. Even Deathmark is a better option if you really want 5x cheap hard-ish removals.
-I’d prefer Spelljammer for Xerroloth, but Xerro is fine to use
-Purgatos is a fun choice, thumbs up!
-Conversion doesn’t advance the burn plan. If you want a cantrip, consider Alcuin Loremaster for fetching extra Pulses and Grasps.
-Dank Seed is 3x always, unless you have stuff like Revenants to close out the game. Saberspine Alpha is an ok budget option too.


Seconding this, Dark Seed x3 goes very well with Spelljammers.
I obviously approve of the Purgatos-Desolator-Void Pulse trinity, because I run it and it works. Saberspine Alpha too.

I don’t know if Betrayal could find a spot here, but it’s a fine card when the opponent is starting to turtle away (which he should).

Interesting comment on Demonic Conversion, I hadn’t thought of it that way. To me it’s a harmless deck thinner in any case.


Nowadays like to use Conversion when I can benefit of the effect, especially in Arcanysts or for disruption decks. Inkling Surge is the best and only real deck thinner in Abyss (rip Sphere). Too bad it’s limited to Lili. Betrayal works fine as a secondary finisher, I’ve run it recently in my Assimus :stuck_out_tongue: (Miguel’s Abyss deck and discussion space)


And subtract the corresponding mana from opponent’s next turn.


Thanks for comments on Cass burn.
However, even in gold this deck wins, basically, only against other burn decks. I feel like if I add 3 x Spectral Blade and another Whip or 2 x Betrayal it will be better. Also I don’t think it has place for Saberspine Alpha (yes, I did include it) because usually, even if game goes to 7 mana, having Alpha doesn’t change anything.


If you don’t win at least 50/50 against stuff like Wanderer and Strategos/Titan, then you definitely have too little burn. Venom Toth, Alcuin Loremaster and Spectral Revenant are all good (although expensive) options to consider. Aggro Cass should be closing the game at around 6-7 mana (add 1-2 turns if the opponent has healing).


And yep Spectral Blade is also good, although typically it’s hard to find room for it.


Yea, I already got the part about 6-7 mana - win or loss, match usually ends by that time. That’s why I think this deck doesn’t have place for either Alpha or Revenant, I’m hardly going to play them.
As for win ratio, IDK. Maybe I just had unfavourable matchups (Fault), maybe I don’t play it properly yet.


Fault should also be a positive matchup, Fault-Ka does essentially nothing since you have no board. My favorite move in that matchup is Venom Toth on 5 mana and watch them agonize over their next move :stuck_out_tongue: Rev used to be very good even at 8 mana, but you’re right that in the current meta it might be a tiny bit too slow.


(Continuing from my other thread)
Cool idea! Please use 3x Vorpal for this it’s the perfect card. Echoes’ main problem (when you’re not just Sarlacin’) is spawning things in a corner, and Vorpal overcomes this with its mobility. Other cards worth considering with Breath are Impervious Giago and Dioltas (healing up the Tombstone is really annoying). I’d even go as far as trying a variation of my Unseven Lurking Fear deck: Dark Memes XIV: Adventures of the Devouring Fish (aka Double ramp Cass aka how to play Gate without playing Gate) Echoes could definitely work in place of Keeper, but some more draw and (non-dying wish) 2-drops might need to be added.


Oops, didn’t realize it was your alt faction thread.

Nice suggestions, i’ll draft something up when I get the chance


I was playing a little more of this deck (wander lili) and though it doesn’t really count as a 3 drop I’m feeling like Lady Locke is a must-include, has been very valuable for me in a couple of games I’ve played it. I cut Wraithcrown for Locke, Ooz for Rock Pulverizer & Bloodmoon Priestess for Purgatoros. This made some of the more awkward plays vanish and overall the deck felt a little smoother to me.

I tried Deathmark for a bit and it was okay, but definitely one of the weaker removals, mostly felt like weaker punish, but I do think the deck benefits from having access to cheap hard removal. I also want to try spectral blade out. I may cut Bounded Tormentor to make the space for one of these two.


Yeah I met you, gg :smiley: Good choices, yep the main upside of Deathmark compared to Dark Trans and the like is the cost, even if it’s not the perfect card for every situation. Spectral Blade is imo really good in Wanderer and always a fine plan b turn 1 play to have. Locke sounds also really good, I don’t remember if I’ve ever tested her in Wanderer.


Hybrid Xor

I know I’ve already posted this deck somewhere else before, but I just wanted to celebrate my first time getting into S-rank. I played only this deck from silver to S (I dusted most of my other cards).

I haven’t played a lot with other decks, so I’m not sure how powerful this actually is. I never feel like I’m in complete control though…

Some quirks:

  • Despite having Xor, ~80% of battles are won/lost without summoning him.

  • The main win con is actually chakram.

  • The second win con is deathfire sacrifice combo’d with the sacrifice spells.

  • Xor can only be rushed out if I get a ton of cryptographers or get the darkfire sacrifice + fugitive combo

  • Unless the opponent is abyssian, shadowdancer doesn’t actually heal much. She’s usually used to ping artifacts.

  • Aphotic drain + fugitive combo is the main source of healing.

  • The weakest link is probably bloodtide priestess. She gets killed by everything :frowning:

  • This deck doesn’t have a lot of card draw. Fugitive+spells and Desolator+Xor are expensive and slow.

  • Surprisingly effective against bosses.

The win rate from Diamond rank 1 to S-rank was 72% (8 out of 11 battles won).


Pretty interesting :+1:


Congrats, nice deck! Chakram can be very spicy with Sarlacs :slight_smile:


Hrm, so I had a bad idea, I’d like your opinion on this way to Mechaz0r:

  • Nightmare Operant puts Mechaz0rs in your deck. But you need to draw them.
  • So you put Nekomata, and no other Dying Wish minions, to make sure you draw the Nightmare Operants.
  • Then Deceptib0t, and by the time you get him out, hopefully all the Operants will be out of your deck, so it should only spawn Mechaz0rs.

That’s it for the meme.
Now what would be an otherwise good deck, with an actually reliable win condition, to host this abominable “engine”?