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That’s the thing, I saw deck lists (or at least ideas for them) already, and now wanted to know how they played out. So it wasn’t something obvious to search for.

Anyway, conrgat me. I finally felt the shenanigans of memeing. I know it was just 2 random wins in Gold, but still was fun.


Any changes anyone thinks I should make to this deck?


I’d play Razorcrag in place of Cacophynos, probably, but I could be wrong.

I mean, Caco has same HP, less atk, higher cost and his ability is unusable without a way to kill it manually.


Cacophynos has saved my ass a lot with it’s effect, razorcrag would be better for purposes of corporeal cadence though, so I will give it a shot.


You have only 6 p1t1 plays (Shroud works too I guess but it’s pretty bad for that). I’m not sure what I would remove though… Maybe Pluck for Ooz since you have no Alcuins.


Ver 1:


Ver 2:


Ver 3:


Having reached lvl 50 with Songhai (good ol’ Hamon bae doing wonders out there) I was left with just one faction left to complete my lvl 50 roster. Unfortunately for me that faction was Abyssian. Which I really hated playing. Something about the lack of big body buffs and reliance on death synergy never resonated with me (I could play them, but it wouldn’t seem as fun as other factions.) So for my road to 50 I decided that I wanted to play something that helped minions stick and that would take advantage of inherent attack effects all while getting the most value out of said minions.

Enter Furor Chakram.

I cannot, and I repeat, CAN NOT sing enough praise about this card. It’s cheap (rarity wise), powerful, and good Lord the things you can do with your minions…It’s the fireblaze obelisk of Abyssian decks, making what are essentially frenzy dervish minions! Combine the proliferation of wriathlings and the various Abyssian attack reduction cards and BAM! You’ve got yourself a board clear/path to lethal all in one! My favorite matchups are against Xor when you can mindlathe their husks/grimes and then equip furor to further deter their trial progression. Seriously, great card. If you plan on trying this theme for yourself you’ve got to try furor in your tests. It’ll add a whole new depth to your plays.

Anywho, as with any Abyssian deck you’ll need to do a little counting when setting up for lethal. Really think about how you want to win this matchup. And most importantly, keep in mind what you can do. Hyperswarm runs you over without T.horn, Heal Ziran can cancel your wraithligs, and basically any deck with lategame potential can beat you if you don’t pull chakram. Surprisingly enough, the wanderer/vault matchups i’ve run into keep falling for the chakram+sepc rev combo so hope to God that you can set that up.

I’ve taken the liberty to replace Skullprophet (SP) with Necrotic Sphere as I’ve noted more wins via lategame combos rather than the enemy general surround tactic which SP promotes.

Individual card utility breakdowns & combos coming soon.


Btw, I use artifact Hunter in a similar deck to make Chakram fishing more consistent. I don’t use other artifacts though.

I do actually think the deck is pretty good. And the Hunter pulls its weight.

The key difference is I try to preserve my minions by just playing them defensively.


Lol’d at that Soboro tech :smiley: Great that you found a working version for the deck, attack reduction is one of the more difficult themes to play with in Abyssian.


Ekhm…I am happy to announce, that I will be representing Gate in this weeks Meltdown league(aka just did and went 2-1, could have gone 2-0, but missed lethal)


Good to know. Good. To. Know.


good luck, may lord makantor be with you


Not much you can do about it (except prepare for inevitable)


Its kinda what i dont want to be next to me, Makantor=Magmar, and magmar is mean


Gate op confirmed :sweat: good job!


@miguelosz your RaCaChaCa topic got recently closed, so can’t post there.
Recent discussions of Ghoulie made me think of one thing, which, as it turns out, actually works: his stats count towards Calculator. Will this make you include him in the deck? I wouldn’t mind losing few stats for having a controllable minion.
Also I wanted to ask, why don’t you use Mirkblood Devourer instead of Shiro and Hydrax for card draw?


Thanks for the questions! I did consider Ghoulie at first, but wanted to be a bit greedy (read: memey) and go for Yun instead. Main difference is the 10 atk to Calculator for double Yun vs 6 atk for double Ghoulie. But he’s definitely better with Chakram, so dunno :slight_smile: Or maybe it’s possible to somehow include both?

Shiro is there for having a 2-drop with synergy, the deck needs to have so many pets that it’s difficult to find room for Mirkblood. One option would be to use Koi as 2-drop and swap something out for Mirkblood, but I do feel it would be a little bit weaker. Shiro can really be a great card for Lilithe altogether, since his buffs are continuous and can more reliably benefit wraithlings from bbs.

Hydrax is not there simply because I didn’t want to do the spirit investment, I feel like Jammer does pretty much the same thing with a bigger board presence (and the deck has enough 3-drops as is). He would be definitely the more flavorful option though :slight_smile:


The week of Meltdown League is over bringing the gate to a score of 5-4(didnt complete gate in any game, it did show pressure)


Sad that Gate didn’t get completed even once, but good job on the score! :slight_smile:


Well, it did eat removal/burn from my enemy, like eating OBS vs Artihai helps, cuz they cant use it on your deso


Gate to the Away From the Board
4 mana 0/10
Opening Gambit: Destroy this and a random hard removal from your opponent’s hand