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all the riddlessss, damn fugitive seems fun i should try that


hey hey mates. I was off work ill with a headache today and decided that I might as well gun for S1 since I was so close & I had been doing well on the weekend. Wanted to prove that Wanderer Lili isn’t that far behind the top dogs of Rag and Reva as people seem to think. Anyway, hit S1 and in minor celebration thought I’d share the list with you Abyssian folks before it gets published in the power rankings:

I think it’s very solid. There’s a couple of things I’m still mulling over tweaking, like adding an extra healing card, or changing the 3 drops so that you can play them on curve without milling cards. Would love to hear any opinions or questions.


How is wraithcrown working for you? My list has it, but it was pretty spotty.


Hey, I remember that Mindlathe + Chakram finisher played against me. That was awesome :slight_smile:


hmm, it’s quite hard to find time to play it. I’m running it since I feel it’s quite important to get wraithies to above 2 hp, but the problem is that playing it for no immediate value often isn’t your best play, in other words ideally you already have active wraithlings when you equip it, but since they’re 2/2s they often don’t survive. so it can be a bit of a catch 22 where your wraiths need to survive so that your wraiths are survivable, and so sometimes is a bit win-more. Spotty is a pretty good word to use to explain it. Sometimes it’s great and you wreck their board and now you’re generating two 1 mana 4/4s every turn for the rest of the game, and sometimes it’s a dead card you simply have to replace to look for something better since you’re under too much pressure. I guess I’m running it over something like variax though, which is an even slower version of that. It might be better just to add something like Purgatoros over it though.


Congrats on the S1! List looks very powerful, I’m especially glad on seeing Moonrider finally getting the recognition in Wanderer Lili it deserves (some other lists I’ve seen have run it, but not too many). The optimal sentinel plays in the deck is something I’ve also agonized over, I’m eager to hear if you or someone else finds a solution to this :smiley: Especially Xerroloth has won me a bunch of games, but it feels so bad to burn cards in the early game.


Yeah I thought so, tried out betrayal yet? Really lets you push wins against slower decks situationally. Pretty worth the one of imo


I’ve not tried betrayal, firstly i have seen very little titan, though that could easily change, secondly i sorta expect people to play around it when they can afford to and lastly it’s just sort of a really flashy burn spell, which didn’t to me feel like the type of thing the deck wanted included. If decks that are likely to play into it (like titan) are popular though then it’s pretty good to include, so it wouldn’t surprise me to hear some people say it was winning games for them.


Yeah I can see where you are coming from. I suppose I was playing this when wanderer was a little more popular and not as stale yet, so it was certaintly good then.


Update: I tried out a midrange Memevore swarm deck. Turns out it does work decently, but never actually uses his effect :smiley: should’ve added more healing I guess, but that just wastes 2/3-mana swarm slots…


The Dark Memes series returns with the next deck! (also, bump)


Assimus (Aggro Cass: Decimus edition)

Yeah, I’m not the only one who has noticed that good aggro decks can be really really good in the current meta. Aggro Cass has been a powerful deck pretty much during all of it’s existence. Besides having good matchups against Wanderer and Fault, it can beat most aggro decks in their own game due to its plentiful sources of healing.

The core cards of the deck are Flameblood Warlock, Desolator, Dank Seed, Void Pulse, Lure and Punish. My current version adds some extra spices to the usual salt: Blaze Hound and Spelljammer keep your and your opponent’s hands healthy, allowing you to aggro on while the opponent has a tough time playing around Seed (also I just generally like burning the opponent’s cards, you can often get a really good feel of what they are playing even from a single burnt card). Decimus is the flavor of the deck, who is an infinite value card and thus requires an answer (in spite of being pretty slow in aggro). His 4/4 body at 4 is pretty decent for hitting, so he should be generally played just barely out of reach in case he gets dispelled.

Venom Toth is my current favorite tech card against a variety of decks, such as Fault, Golems/Strategos/swarm and Walls. Don’t feel so fancy playing that Rae into Fault on 6 when you also take 6 damage, eh? Final additions to the deck are Grasp and Betrayal, which work just wonderfully with the burn strategy and the fact that opponent often has quite a few minions on board to snipe.

In terms of winrates, Assimus has probably been one of my most powerful decks ever: It went 15-3 (83 %) in Diamond :slight_smile:


This is superb. I really want to try it, maybe replacing Azure Heralds with even more aggro…


Heralds have been working really good for me (especially the p2t1 Warlock on a mana tile and Herald in front of Warlock-opener), but Primus Fist could be a good more aggressive option


How often is betrayal working out nowadays?


More often than you’d expect. It’s an easy replace against Mantra and other solo decks, but people (I among them) often forget it exists as early as 6 mana. You can also enhance its’ effect greatly with clever baiting.


I came in for the promised Gate results and got somewhere in the middle of the last 100 posts. Can someone link me to the right post or name approximate date/position in the topic plz?

And a random response to a random post:

You forgot Void Steal.


Thanks for reading my post! Void Steal was listed though.
You have been added to the Gibbet Facts Mailing List.

Did you know that Gibbets had to gnaw their way out of their enemies’ corpses, before they were given blades? Their work is so much easier now.

Edit: No the real combo I forgot about was Deathfire Crescendo. Adding it right now.


Gate results are me facing 10 magmar in a row so 1-9


These are to my knowledge the Gate decks posted here so far (the search function is your friend):

So yeah, dunno about results :smile: I already linked you to my Gate deck so won’t repost here unless someone else asks for it. I’m afraid Gate will stay forever in the meme territory unless build is given some more support in the future.