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Yay, thanks :slight_smile:


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A dark bump

Also remember to check my Dark Memes lists! Next one is in the works, but slowly since I haven’t had a lot of time to play lately. :upside_down_face:


Here we go again! As I said I’ve played on a bit slower pace than normally due to time problems. Hopefully I’ll still get enough games to get to Diamond, so I won’t have to torment any low Silver players with my silliness next month… :sirpenti:

Floor of Death

The name of the deck comes from an arc of a fine manga I’m currently reading, which has quite many character/thematic similarities with the minions here, especially the star of the deck Stygian Observer. Observers also are a piece of equipment throughout the series.

The deck is built to maximize the Observer’s deathwatch effects, with just seven spells: even with just 2 procs (one bbs worth of wraithlings) you can get silly stuff like 7/5 Desolators, 6/7 Elkowls (preferably with rush), 7/6 tigers and of course 10/10 Revs. Have to also note that nothing is a better feeling than slamming down two 13/14s for 1 mana :smiley: That value tho.

Phantasm provides attack buffs which almost all of the minions really like, while providing a good turn 1 play and removal target. I like to play it in the corner, since ramping into Deso or Tiger is not that great and it targets all kinds of removal and attention like a sponge. Void Talon is silly with Stygian (8/3 from a single proc) and provides bodyblock, and Vorpal is just a power play on curve or played one after another, who fits into pretty much all non-aggro Lilithe lists.

For other minion-based removals, we’ve got the good ol’ Shroud and the lost but not forgotten Rainbow AoE Pony of Death. Azure for heals, some staples and a couple DFC to capitalize on the occasional situations when you have a lot of stuff on the field, and you’re good to go. This is not exactly a typical swarm build, but I feel like Lilithe is now one card away from having a quite viable and powerful slower deathwatch deck, which could win either really quickly or through lategame power plays. Big Abyss could be coming back, maybe?

15/21 (71% winrate) in Gold, so I guess it’s a pretty nicely working list. If you main Lili like I do and got spirit lying around, you should definitely get a couple of Stygians! Fun, powerful and fair, the way I like it :slight_smile:


I would ask why theres no ash mephyt, but the deck looks a bit cramped as it is


Indeed. Mephyt is also only mediocre with Phantasm and just horrible when played without buffs.

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Don’t mind me, I’m just a wraithling bumping into some creep tiles


Yeah, it doesn’t shine quite as brightly in Vetruvian or Vanar. Good choice for Songhai though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Seeds of Infest

That feeling when you kinda really like Pandemic but also want to Doolist at the same time…”

Time for my first Frostfire deck! Here’s a deck for all you who love Mantra Songhai, but are tired of everyone complaining about the deck’s playstyle (please note though that I’m not entirely convinced this is any better in that regard heh). Abjudicator is Cass’s new best friend, bringing us the awesome 0 mana Sphere of Darknesses, 2 mana Dark Seeds and even occasional 4 mana Rite of the Undervaults. Manaforger doubles as spell-ramp and a good turn 1 play, and the deck is very light on minions making the opponent’s hard removal essentially redundant.

The deck relies on your opponent playing small minions, so it doesn’t do too well against most of the current meta decks. When, however, said small minions appear, there are a number of options to choose from: Infest+kill or Infest+Lure for a random 4-8 face damage, Venom Toth for slower but more inevitable burn (bonus points if your opponent plays obelysks!), Grasp of Agony for 1 mana AoE Phoenix Fires, and of course the strong but situational Betrayal. Infest also combos greatly with Grasp of Agony, first hitting the enemy general for 5 when the targeted minion dies, and then 2 extra damage for each nearby minion.

Dank Seed easily hits face for 4-6 dmg in the early game, while Void Pulse, Desolator and Flameblood provide some additional burnn. By the time you reach 5-6 mana and fill your hand, the game is usually decided the following turn one way or the other, so it all curves out quite nicely.

The deck went 18-2 (90% winrate) in Frostfire. As I said it’s obviously not optimal for laddering, but it’s a fun, flashy and fair aggro deck and in a slightly different meta could easily hold up in Gold at least :slight_smile:


Self-Harm Maehv

Time for a small change of direction: last week we were burning our opponent and their board down, this week we’re burning ourselves (and hoping that the opponent will also burn, a tiny bit faster). It may be weird to call a deck “Self-Harm” when there’s a total of 2 real self-harm cards, but it all comes together quite nicely:

The said two cards, and stars of the deck are:

Sworn Avenger: Absolutely brutal if left unchecked, essentially a 3-mana answer-or-die minion. Between all the self-damage proc options, this thing can easily go from 2 attack to 5 in a turn. A solid option for Maehv even without all the support.

Ruby Rifter: Just a funky card, a solid threat and draws stuff for you. Not really a wincon, but often gives enough distraction so you can focus on healing/desolatoring in the lategame. Won’t argue that stuff like Vorpals wouldn’t be better all in all though, so switch to those instead if you like.

Heal: Maehv is currently all about outlasting your opponent through mid- and (early) late game. Can’t achieve that without healing. Between Mystic, Herald, Desolators and my special snowflake Purgatos we’ve got a bunch of that. Do note also that at 9 mana a single Deso means 2 heal, 4 face damage and 4/4 & 3/1 bodies per turn!

Prophet & Azure: Staples, and help to get early board presence/distraction. I’m not really into Gnasher since he can be pretty easily played around, however a better option is imo…

2x Furor Chakram. Oh this card is just bonkers in the right situation. Double/triple proc your Purgatoses or Revenant, turn any minion into a threat or just fire away with Avengers.

Blistering Skorn: The best option to achieve self-harm, while dealing with all those omelettes lying around suspiciously close to your general.

Mindlathe: More reasons to punch stuff with face, and a secondary insurance (besides Lure) to late-game EMP’s, Titans etc. big boiz. Usually replaced in early game tho (and that bbs antisynergy just why…)

Replicants for draw and having yet another 2-drop, Lightbenders for bending, Revenant for lategame and Lures for whipping and sounds about right! Close to as good as a Maehv deck can get at the moment.

Took it out for a walk in Silver/Gold with a 14-7 record (67% winrate). Accidentally played an extra game instead of the usual 20 (noees) but gotta report everything :stuck_out_tongue: Have a nice week everyone!


Replace skorn with gnasher plz. You will see a big difference

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Mm no, if I’d really want to use Gnasher in this deck I’d switch Purgatos out and somehow add in more healing. In general I just think he is a bit overrated for what you get for 5 mana and hurting yourself, now that Horn Shaman is a thing.

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No way, Gnasher is Maehv staple for sure. There’s nothing else that can recover a board like it can, as Abyss lacks AoE most always, the damage goes face and Maehv has a hard time with removal.

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Let’s put it this way: in my testing after Maehv’s bbs change, I found that Gnasher was among the cards that I replaced most often, for various reasons. So, I’ve found other cards just fit my play-/deckbuilding style more. That said, it’s quite easy to swap 2 Purgatos and mayybe 1 Skorn for 3 Gnashers here :slight_smile:

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Furor Purgatos is ingenious.


Furor Sojourner is just as funny, but what really takes the cake is Furor Thunderhorn or Furor Revenant. Unfortunately, none of these really get to actually happen.


I’ve had Furor Purgatos twice :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah that’s not really the point of either of the cards

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But against a good player, actually getting the frenzy off…? I’ve only pulled off frenzy memes against silver opponents, once against a gold.

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Frenzy with purgatos is good since purgatos usually is not considered a threat.


Yeah it’s not like your opponent is generally going to put their entire board in the reach of any of those cards, but Purgie curves nicely into Chakram so getting two procs is entirely possible and quite powerful

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Why isn’t this called Miguel’s creep (crawl) space.

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