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How has Priestess/Loreweaver/Abjudictor been working out for you in this deck? I seem to always replace Priestess because this deck wins fast, around the 6-7 mana mark, if you’ve been playing your cards right and Priestess doesn’t seem to generate the instant value that this deck needs. I could see it being a card that your opponent wants to remove quickly, but doesn’t really do much besides that.

Took out some cards that I didn’t really feel were necessary, but my revised edition is pretty similar to this. Currently at 9w/9l - 50% (Gold)


I like to have priestess as a backup plan.

Abjudicator makes funny finishers out of nowhere, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it.

Loreweaver is unneeded, I changed him to smth else.

The main problem of my deck are solo decks and bad draw. Other ones don’t have as much AoE, and at some point they will leave that one wraithling alive for an OTK. But I dunno if it’s possible to make this deck work against those. Probably not.


Digging out this older discussion about Gibbet, it just struck me that Syvrel the Exile does exactly what we want to do!


Along with Daemonic Lure and Repulsor Beasts, we’re almost as tricky as Songhai!
Here’s a MoveAbyssian toolbox deck to enjoy the positioning tools (edit: I name this archetype Midrange Lilitos)

The last minion spot is a flex spot. Spectral Revenant, Jax Truesight, Saberspine Alpha, Grandmaster Variax…

What would be your spin on the concept?


i would replace the mechs with ooz and add in 2 nethermeld for extra mobility, 2 chakram is more than enough for me, and totally love to see syvrel in this list.
i wanted to ask about chittering tiller in this kind of list thoughts? its a fun concept tho.


Yes it’s a valid path, you’d then play the deck more aggressively, keeping Chakram in hand and the “pings” are going to be more important. I feel you’d need to add card draw in that case.

Edit: Chittering Tiller is probably good but I haven’t had the occasion to try it yet.


Before Chakram, Nethermeld was indeed the way to go with Movebyssian: Miguel's Abyss deck and discussion space

However, the Sphere nerf hurt Nethermeld really bad so I’m not sure if it’s worth it anymore, unless you really commit to a teleport finish with Juggernauts/Vorpals. From my deck, (Recom)bob could be a fun option to try out. I feel like it could be better than Tiller since it’s an ok t1 play. I also love the Syvrels in this list :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the pointer. I removed the ™ from my post as you coined the concept quite cleverly with your creep-oriented list. :slight_smile: I would love to try yours but I’m running a bit low on spirit to craft the necessary cards.

You’re right if removing the mechs then Recombobulus is almost a must-have! With all the wraithlings lying around we can probably use it quite effectively.


No problem, I remember deathsadvocate also had a Nethermeld (Juggernaut) list previously, so it’s not really my original idea either (except for some synergy cards like using Wild Tahr with Nethermeld). There’s lots of cool stuff you can do with the cards, as all our lists are very different in what they do, including yours :slight_smile:


My spin in the past was Nethermeld, but with the Sphere nerf I haven’t tried to make it. I could try again because it’s not too difficult to spread creep, but we’ll see.

I’ll let you know if I build anything but I don’t think I would use so many minion tools, and definitely not Deceptibot or Syvrel. I would, however, try out that ‘teleport the enemy general one space forwards’ card!


Dying Wish Wanderer

:notes: Don’t hate me… :notes:

So, a second/third attempt on my crusade to put the “fun” in “Funderer”, this time we’re trying out a dying wish version. As a veteran of Lurking Fear decks, I’m very pleased with how this deck turned out. Before Carrion Collector (praised be him), Lurking Fear was the only proper dying wish ramp tool available, so the dying wish decks’ toughness depended often on finding a single 3x card within the first couple of turns. With Wanderer, we’re only able to fit 1x Lurk and 1x Collector in the deck so the consistency goes down 50% from the “pure” Lurk decks, but the brutal power of Wanderer more than enough makes up for that.

There are a great deal of good dying wish minions to make the cost reduction relevant even with just one-offs: especially being able to ramp a Vorpal, Klaxon or Grimes on the turn before Wanderer creates a huge dilemma if the opponent is saving only a single removal from Wanderer. Unlike typical Wanderer decks, this deck lets go of some of midrange power for a more controlly approach: minions like Dioltas, Gnasher, Rot9M and Horror Burster help to keep the opponent busy while we keep going to that sweet endgame where all the magic happens. Nether Summoning and Consuming Rebirth can also be amazing with the proper dying wish targets, or simply for resurrecting Wanderer with Nether.

All in all the deck is quite consistent, with soft and hard removal, dispel, draw and lots of annoying dying wish minions. Even more importantly, it’s fun to play as the control approach gives a lot of interaction with the opponent while you try to keep board in an optimal shape or rush out wins vs. trial Maehv/Brome.

Winrate was 7-3 in Silver and 7-3 in Gold, so a nice 70 %.


Klaxon freakin eluding my grasp, what do I replace him with?


Also check out my previous Arcanyst Wanderer if you’ve missed it: Miguel’s Abyss deck and discussion space :slight_smile:


Kamen Moonrider is always a good option in Wanderer Lilithe, if you have him?


I built one of these too lol. So fun but also makes me wonder what I’m doing with my life


Riddle me this… and that… and those…

Anyone up for some arcanyst control madness? Meet Sphynx, the 4 mana 5/4 who puts a Riddle to your opponent’s action bar. The Riddle is a 2 mana spell which blocks the “owner” of the spell from replacing. Spending the 2 mana, you can send the Riddle back to the other player’s action bar and then you can replace again. The exchange of Riddles can potentially go on forever, since the only way to get rid of the card by normal means is to send it to an opponent who has a full hand (then the card is just destroyed). This is an important point for this deck, since if you keep your hand at 5 cards max you can keep the Riddle from being destroyed if your opponent doesn’t draw extra cards for you.

Normally, the Riddle is not such a huge advantage, since the opponent can simply spend the 2 mana and then you, in your turn, have to figure out what to do with it. However, Riddle is also a potentially infinite spell proc triggerer, if you play your cards right. For the powerful Owlbeast-Illusionist-Death Knell basic package Sphynx is actually a pretty neat card: it gives value for every Riddle you cast when you have a Swolobeast or Illusionist out and also slows down the game (since every time the Riddle is cast less total mana is spent until the endgame).

My personal touch on the deck is some funky card choices: Mindwarper is usually used ,unintuitively enough, to copy the opponent’s Riddles, since having two Riddles going back and forth in the game can really wreck the opponent’s game plan. Whereas Archon Spellbinder provides a huge threat to bring back with Death Knell, and serves as combined good body block and disruption when the opponent has blown their removal for cheaper minions. It’s mainly used here though since I just think it’s a cool card :stuck_out_tongue:

Furor Chakram is the main finisher of the deck, whenever you have a board of +3 minions out. Knell is more situational depending on the matchup, which is why it’s a 2x. Besides the standard Arcanyst Lili removal package (Ritual, Lure & Lightbender) I chose to use Grasp in the list for some extra AoE against swarm decks and a cheap spell proc. Wanderer lists and Xor are the deck’s better matchups since Sphynx can really give those decks a hard time. On the other hand, it can struggle against commited Burn & Fault. Although Bender and Grasp give the deck a good chance against Fault, Vet has so many powerful tools that sometimes Abyss loses to simple differences in card quality :confused:

WR was 14-6 (70%) in Gold.


The deck desperately needs ramp, imho. This is serious.

And additional Sphynx Magesworn memes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This is not


Adding ramp would give some problems with card advantage, so other parts of the deck would need to be adjusted. Knell isn’t a very great card to ramp out in general, and there isn’t imo a particular need to ramp out rest of the deck’s minions since Sphynx is a fine curve play. He actually slows the game often just enough that Knell becomes also a fine on-curve play.

As for Magesworn… well, if you like to live dangerously I guess :smiley:


I really like the fact that Sphynx breaks some of the more annoying decks, including Wanderer and Mantra.

Too bad I don’t have it, and it doesn’t seem like a fine spirit investment.


Yeah it’s almost as niche as cards can be


Impossible but fun meme: run this with Fugitive.