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Zen’Rui, very clever. Gibbet is also fun in this situation, you can get them to breed and multiply (very gimmicky though). You could also squeeze more out of Purgatos in this environment.


I do, actually a few of them! All totally unplayable, which is why I haven’t featured any of them yet. I can post my most recent build here.


My Swarmzig deck uses part of your package, btw:

Can’t say that it works perfectly, but It’s somewhat playable. Horrific visage is an awesome stall tool, almost as good as Concealing Shroud.


So this is the most recent version of my “Attack Lowerin’ Lili”. Everything kind of synergies with everything, for example Chakram equipped can give you tons of heal (Kelaino/Purgatos), tons of burn (Blood Siren/Skullprophet) or tons of Gibbets. Zen’rui + Siren is the ultimate combo of stealing your opponent’s stuff. Also Visage + Nightsorrow destroys any single minion with 6 attack or below. Sadly, the combos are not strong enough to win you games even if you get some really dank stuff done often. There is an obvious lack of finishers: I hadn’t considered Rev, but it’s a shame it can’t really be played in synergy with your other stuff (besides Chakram once in 20 games) since it will just get removed right away. I think I went 1-4 with this deck 1-2 months ago.

Infinite removal deck

chakram doesn’t synergize with gibbet, sadly :frowning:
still, this is a pretty smart deck for getting maximum gibbet value!


It doesn’t? :o My whole life is a lie!


yeaaah :frowning: i kinda feel bad I’m not creative enough to make gibbet work.


Blood siren is actually pretty OK. I’d use it in place of seemingly useless sentinel.

You’re discussing her, but your deck lacks it.


Oh right :smiley: It was supposed to be there (it was in some earlier versions too). I think -2 Inkling -1 Mindlathe would be the way to go.


Gibbet can be pretty funny but has two drawbacks: First its weak body can be easily removed before he acts, second is you only get 3 of them in a deck, and sometimes they can’t be found in a match.

This being said, the dank combos include:

  • Repulsor Beast, Daemonic Lure, Nethermeld, Syvrel the Exile to control who gets to attack who.
  • Blood Siren, Horrific Visage, Void Steal to reduce enemy attack value and breed Gibbets.
  • Deathfire Crescendo, Sun Elemental, Mirkblood Devourer, Songweaver, Azure Horn Shaman, Bastion (lol) to increase Gibbet health.

I haven’t managed to get the full retard Gibbet deck to work. :disappointed_relieved: (not even talking about Plasma Storm and opponent’s rain on our parade). Although the Gibbet+positioning tools subset is an OK addition to a control deck.


Mirrorrim for Gibbets everywhere!


I can see this deck working together with alplod’s scarzig abyss. Fun concept btw


stats, hard to positioning, dies to doomblade :frowning: the trifecta of unplayability :frowning:

maybe it’ll work well with releaser, but then, i’m just not so sure about that card even when they buffed it.


Are you serious? I honestly consider Gibbet to be one of the best Abyssian cards in the game, maybe top three overall.

You simply play it defensively and your opponent can’t play anything in front of you that’s valuable (Big Magmar minion or Silverguard for example) or it just dies for free. Then if they ever do play something big in the back line, you lure it behind you it dies and you keep your Gibbet.

This card has been the staple for my Abyssian decks that lack two drops (which is almost all of them since Abyssian two drops were garbo before Gibbet).

I really, really love Gibbet and personally I think it’s really strong with no combo pieces or only Lure.


Thanks for this writeup, I’ll need to start putting more Gibbets in my deck :slight_smile: I remember being discouraged with the card when it was released, when I faced so much Songhai/Bone Swarm which dealt with it too easily. It’s probably much better than I’ve been thinking.


Top 3? Makantor, Holy Immo, Gibbet?


Makantor and Immo aren’t Abyssian. More like Lure, Desolator Gibbet.

Well Bone Swarm can be played around if necessary but I feel like opponents often waste hard removal on Gibbet and that’s fine by me. If Songhai has to PF every 2 drop I play they’ll have a hard time beating me.

Songhai can be one of the harder matchups for it though, since Jux can position their minion and remove Gibbet. Very difficult to play around while keeping Gibbet relevant to the board state, but at the same time using Gibbet on a 1 attack minion like Scroll Bandit feels fantastic.


It’s removed for good reason because loitering, reusable hard removal is too strong to live. However, at a cost of 2 it’s the cheapest removal bait in the game.

The only sad situation is when it gets removed by a ranged attack, which is cheaper. Anything else is basically a wash, a small advantage in initiative, or when Gibbet gets to eviscerate an enemy or two, a huge value swing.

Put it in the backyard, feed it enemynoms with Daemonic Lures or Repulsor Beasts, until the opponent wastes a removal on it that is not going to hit your deck’s actual structural elements.


I think i shall reconsider too. i think the problem with how i view it is that I want it to be a highroll machine, which it isn’t.

that said, if it’s not too much to ask, do send a replay where you play gibbet. I think I could learn a lot from how you pilot babyshanker.


I was misguided by ‘overall’. Now I see.

I’ve never found a place for Gibbet in my decks. The reason may be that I either play hyperswarm or highly specialized memes or hybrids (like arcanyst smth, or full creep, with everything creep related). I don’t see Gibbet often, btw, but on the other hand I can’t say that I see many Abyssian decks that are not Dying wish or Underlord.