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They can,t kill if you kill yourself first


This isn’t even Masochist Maehv it’s just edgy 15 year old Maehv.


Due to some irl stuff, I’m most likely going to be building decks at a much slower rate from now on (since I like to fully playtest every list I post). However, I’m still maintaining this thread and following the discussion here, so let your dark thoughts be heard as before :snowchaser:


It used to.

This is an old deck that I had before I left and still seems to be running fairly well. I feel that there could definitely be some room for improvement though. Any ideas people? The one that feels most replaceable to me is Cacophynos.


Gnasher all the way.


People seem to usually play around Grasp but not many other cards, so if you have Gnasher I’d cut them for something like +1 Desolator and +1 Necrotic Sphere


Xor Cass Turbo

Behold, probably the worst Mythron deck ever posted on the Forums!

Trial completion rate: 100 %
Winrate: 0 %



I have turbo Arcanyst Xor deck with almost the same stats XD


I have played this…It is most fun. But I would replace Z0r with shadowdancer (or for real memes, Jugg


Yes obviously this needs something else, I’m just not in the mood for developing it :stuck_out_tongue: My only goal was to see how fast I can finish the trial (5 mana is relatively easy, you’d just need to have a minion on board+DFS to also get Xor out at 5 mana turn)


I’m dropping ranks so fast while testing new stuff, that soon I’ll be facing people with no ribbons… whoops. Luckily “anything works in Silver” :smiley:


Can’t wait to meet you soon.
This afternoon dozen matches, more than half of them were Ragnora-FotM … conceded plenty at Mulligan :slight_smile:
Damn, meta is boring as shit, I hope they will put Unranked back before I give up *yawn*


Everyone knows that both Gate and Xor are memes of their own caliber, hard to fulfill, but are unbeatable wincons…So what if we combine both?

Might take out revenanats for aphotics


Also add Variax, there’s not enough win cons there.


well, im looking to optimize this deck into semo-playability, but if we going that way i can add in Variax, Obliterate, Doom…


I’m not sure actually that gate - underlord is the way to go at all. Too many specific cards are needed for each archetype. Lone Variax is enough, on the other hand.

But I support your dedication.


…then we get even worse memes? But sounds very fun, I approve :stuck_out_tongue:


Memes are not supposed to be good, then they are not memes


(no context)
[relentless Rampage ]MTozNTUsMjozMTQsMjozMTgsMzozMjIsMzozNDAsMjozNDEsMTozNTcsMzozNTksMzoxMTA5NSwzOjE5MDQ1LDM6MjAwNDksMzoyMDA1NywzOjIwMDU5LDM6MjAxNjYsMzoyMDIyNiwyOjIwMzM0


Interesting meme philosophy. In my opinion, memes are better if they also work well.