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I am really missing the shimzar rerotate Xuul lists. Has anyone a good pet Xuul list or another way of tempo Xuul here?


Pet xull is just replace sarlac with gor.
But if you really wish for a good list, i will try to make that one as well this evening (that would be 3 lists on my side today)


Pet Xuul uses Hydrax to draw from Gor/ inkhorn gaze pets… its not a simple sarlac exchange.


Right… Hydrax… Hmm, dunno how that works exactly, all i know is that it highrolls like fck


Yep I think that’s definitely the strongest variant currently, can get really scary against its better matchups.


Welp, doesnt stop me from making Xor Gate memes oops shouldnt have spoiled


Just wanna share this with you guys. It is the best version of xorxull that i come up with

The goal is pretty simple: summon as many gor/sarlac possible->sacrifice them while healing->xorxull


Oh I may have faced you with my Arcanyst Wanderer deck (above) :slight_smile:

pls don’t tell me you’re that guy who I demolished from 24 health with Chakram into Revenant, if so I’m sorry :smiley:


No im not;) 15 char


Ahh, here it is, my beloved Nightshroud Maehv deck. The deck performs real well against anything that isnt Zirix. I am still thinking of putting in a Sarlac or 2. i.imgur.com/tttaCa2.png


How do you think reaper of the 9 moons would work with it?

Edit: If anyone has/knows of a good maehv deck atm, let me know please :slight_smile:


This first list is from @Ryvirath 's deck lists Here, and the second list is by @alphacentury , with gameplay footage Here



Completely ignores my list


I’m glad to see someone besides me using Dagona :smiley:



Reaper is probably too slow on Xor, as that deck only tries to a. complete the trial, b. not die in the meanwhile.


Does anybody have a fun creep list? I want to try some fun decks while it is still early in the season but I am not good enough with Abyssian to make one myself.


By yours truly :sirpenti:


I call it suicide abyssian
I think it represents abyssians current identity best.
The deck is quite tought to play…the most important thing is to target yourself will everything that can dmg your own face

*didn,t know bloodtear cant target your own face:/


i dont get why youd play this? is this a deck where your wincon is losing faster than your opponent?


It was only a matter of time… well played. Protip: replace Bloodtear with Nether Summoning 8)