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Speaking of Relic Lilithe, do you plan to add Arcane Devourer, @miguelosz ? I have zero of them, are they worth it?


Sure, they’d probably work real nicely in place of DFS to give the combo more consistency :slight_smile: But I wouldn’t call them strictly necessary for this deck, as it can win just fine even without completely relying on the Relics


I’m trying hard to find a good way to creep.

Since i don’t own fugitive, i tried to focused on an aggro oriented list. I feel like it could be really consistant but i don’t know what to replace to optimise it.
I’m a gold player with questionable hand management and positionning so if you get to use the list feel free to give your feelings about it.


Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself…


Here’s my 5 cents:

Tbh unless you have 3x Fugitive, Sphere of Darkness is still better than Pluck even after the nerf because it cycles. Abjudicator eats your hand real fast so you probably need more draw? With a list like this, it would be good to have at least 3 cards in hand at all times. Spelljammer can backfire real bad though when you feed other aggro decks more cards, so be aware of that. Punish is usually a 3x, Grasp is a bit more situational so I’d drop that to two instead.


How’s Twilight Sorcerer working out?


It’s a way to have more pseudo-Alcuins, so I used it mainly when I didn’t draw at least two Fugitives before 6-7 mana. It’s ok for that purpose but I wouldn’t necessarily craft it if you’re not swimming in spirit :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d say it’s not aggro enough. @deathsadvocate had a very good list pre rotation, here it is:

Reap, under Cass tab.

May need a bit of tuning rn, but may give you a decent idea what should be going on in aggro Creep.


That’s indeed way more streamlined. I really get the “minion-light” approach though that @moonkey seems to be going for too, stuff like Abyssal Juggernaut gets removed real fast in the current meta. Maybe something between these two lists could be good.


I will try to adapt the list with your comments !
I thought that sphere was really under pluck now, but i guess i may have overreact with the nerf. I will give it a try even if 2 mana seems really expensive for 1 creep.

As for @deathsadvocate aggro list i will try to see if i can incluse some ideas but as @miguelosz said i really want to be “minion-light”. Back in the days (pre rotation) i was playing a pure one man army Cassyva for meme purpose and that was pretty damn fun. I want a list that i could play competitively, so i’m including minions


You’re of course right, it is damn expensive now. But, it’s also a targeted ping that cycles. For Pluck to pay its worth in mana you need to play at least two, and then you need to make up for that lost card advantage somehow. One other option is also to run some tech like Bloodtear in their place, your creep generation is not really relying on either of the two cards.


Been testing Spriggin for a couple of days. I can’t believe how bad the card is still after buffing it for +2/+2 :'D


I think the only valid play is when you wipe the enemy Spriggin Kins with a pre-positioned Thunderhorn. That’s very corner case to say the least.
Someday it’ll be a fine combo piece, hopefully.


Yes that’s what I was trying. With full-swag combos (Furor Chakram and Komodo Hunter). I did manage to get one Thunderhorn into Komodo Hunter though which felt very satisfying.

It’s such a shame the opponent gets to activate their cute derps from Spriggin before you can. I mean the card now literally has better stats than Stormmetal Golem, and it’s still complete garbage.


Maybe combo with Chirpuka if you want to pile garbage upon garbage :smile:


Arcanyst Wanderer

Actually, I (as many others) am not too fond of facing all the Wanderer spam currently on the ladder. However, I believe that the highlander format does allow for a lot of unique deckbuilding experiences which haven’t been really explored yet (because the on-curve play good stuff lots of removal etc. is always the more competitive way to build it).

This deck goes for the Arcanyst-spell proc route. We have different categories of cards here, which serve different purposes:

Spell comboers: Owlbeast, Firestarter, Illusionist and Conjurer. These cards get out of hand really fast, and are absolute nuts with Wanderer on board.

Arcanysts (the ones named are the priority ones to play): Manaforger, Trinity Wing, Death Knell, Lightbender, Sun Seer etc. The deck has strong tribe mechanics, and arcanysts also work nicely with Wanderer.

Spells (draw): Inkhorn, Demonic Conversion, Sphere & Inkling: Spellprocs & draw, as in my Ben Swolobeast (I’m really proud of that deck btw, it’s nuts).

Spells (removal): Ritual, Lure etc, just goodstuffz

Spell creators: Rokadoptera, Crypto, Mentor, Mindwarper etc. These are what really ties the deck together, as they benefit from Wanderer, give you more spell procs and provide utility such as ping or swarm creation.

Rest of the deck includes Wanderer himself, Moonrider, Revenant and Chakram which get nuts with the +1/+1 buff, Dankfire for the mandatory ramp and Desolator for desolatin’.

How you play the deck is pretty draw-dependent, but it’s somewhere between midrange and control. In the long run you usually win, unless the opponent has a ridiculously strong slow wincon in which case you should go for a burst win before 8-9 mana. Ask away if you have some specific questions :slight_smile:

WR was 7-4 (64 %) in Diamond last season and 4-5 (44 %) in Silver this season, so 55 % overall. Yep, S-rank is short for Silver-rank in case you didn’t know.

Trials of Mythron - Mech Emporium and Compendium

If only deathknell would summon all arcanysts at once so that it also ensures a huge healthswing with shroud(for some reason apex works like this) :frowning:


Btw I realized that this thread has as many views as the current meme thread. Not bad :stuck_out_tongue:




I’ll get in this thread this evening, both with new lists and questions for improvements.(especially with a certain trial list that is close to my heart for which game decided to give me a helpful lego)