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Taking a little Gauntlet break until next season, I have some new decks coming up but I rather want to test them during the climb to see what works :slight_smile:


A creepy shadowy bump



Here we go again! Many have presented their Fullcreep-decks for Unranked, with some hypersynergies for Cass creep abuse. This deck aims to do the same for Lilithe and her wraithlings: we have a total of 23 cards that help generate wraithlings + Lili’s bbs, and 12 cards that buff the wraithlings. This is one of the greedier decks I’ve created, so it either goes out in full glory or doesn’t work out so well. I’d say it’s also one of the most viable memedecks I’ve made before everyone starts to complain again that this is no meme, I’d like to note that it heavily relies on Lady Locke+bbs and/or a well-timed Shadowstalk to win

Wraithcrown is of course what ties this all together, turning Inkling into a one mana 3/3 that cycles, Dank Transformation into a better Blood of Air, and Bloodtide Priestess into a value-dream-machine. Wraithcrown+Furor is really game ending material, since it basically turns all your wraithlings into Makantors without rush. The deck is consciously built to make the opponents’ hard removal useless, which is nice in many matchups.

Some of the funnier combos include:
Furosa + Crypto + Mentor with Wraithcrown: Got that Endless Hunt fam?
Lady Locke + Shadowstalk: Going somewhere lol?
Lady Locke + double bbs/Inkling: My crew is in da hoodz

The deck doesn’t quite look like it, but besides occasionally getting some quick wins it can also pack an incredible sustain in the longer matchups. Some of my more glorious games with it were beating the S-rank’s #1 player’s Wanderer Reva with the deck, as well as surviving for 10+ turns against an Arcanyst Lilithe player with three Death Knells, two Owlbeasts and four Trinity Wings. Winrate was 2-0 (100% woot woot) in Silver, and 12-6 (67%) in Gold.


Wouldnt Variax Fit the theme better than revenant


Indeed, but Variax is too slow since the deck has no healing. There could be a variation (or Variaxtion hehe) like that but I think it would look quite different.


Welcome to the Church of the Mankantor




I suggest teching bastion against rebuke. 1 or 2 off.


Thanks for the suggestion! I only encountered Rebuke once in the 20 games, so it didn’t feel really necessary to me. Plasma Storm was much more common, and besides buffing your swarm to 4+ atk and playing only moderately greedily there’s not much to be done against that. There might be more Rebukes in Diamond than Gold though.


I tried out a Wanderer Maehv list, which went around 50% WR in Gold. As it’s just barely below my tastes viability-wise, I won’t be doing a full writeup, however if someone’s interested I can post the list. Maehv seems to be a one-trick (midrange/tempo) pony at least until the next expansion… :confused:


Relic Lilithe

Here’s again a list, that I was surprised even can be conveniently run in Ladder at all. The deck centers around Reliquarian, who is a 7 mana 3/3 with Opening Gambit: Forge a friendly minion into a Faction artifact with equal attack. The Abyss artifact is called Void Relic, which gives +x attack to your general and +x amount of life steal from the opponent’s general whenever your general attacks a minion, where x is the attack of the sacrificed minion.

The main targets for Reliq are of course Void Talon and Rot9m, which when Reliq’d can give a whopping 5-6 health life steal while removing an enemy minion. EMP-Reliq gives you a neutral artifact, which gives out only the general attack bonus. Needless to say, making your general have 11 attack is a pretty game ending and surprising move.

Besides the main Reliq combos, we have the steal package of Demonic Conversion, Bound Tormentor and Reaper. These, as well as Grimes (who is actually a pretty good card after battle pets were removed from his pool), can also give out decent Reliquarian targets. As the relic artifact belongs to the faction of the sacrificed minion, it’s good to keep a “cheat sheet” to check what each individual artifact does. For example, once I sacrificed a wind dervish off a Fireblaze Obelysk to get my general to summon three of my destroyed minions on random spaces for each general attack (this turned out to be pretty gud for Abyssian!).

Rest of the deck is pretty self-explanatory. Crypto is there to give a nice t1 play, to synergize with Inkling and to trick your opponent into thinking that you’re playing a swarm deck. With a multiple of ways the game can play out, this is a very fun and diverse deck. WR was a rather solid 13-8 (62%) in Gold.


I love it. I’m far from having the cards to build it, but Grimes & Reliquarian seem like a very fun duo in any faction!


Grimes into Stormmetal Golem into Reliquarian was the dankest combo I achieved (I think Grimes was removed spawning the Stormmetal, so this was 8+10=18 dmg in one turn). Indeed the potential is endless. I also did a ramped Grimes-Worldcore Golem otk on p1t3, which was posted in “decks working like they’re supposed to” :stuck_out_tongue:


I have to say, modern dying wish abyssian decks seem OP. Probably high tier.


Most likely. It’s weird how (for me at least) suddenly my fav archetype seems a lot less fun now that it’s among the more viable ones :stuck_out_tongue: so don’t expect a lot of DW decks from me in the near future


The story of my life.


Goddamn hipsters


I just wanna be a special snowflake.



With the unrotation, I guess it’s time to post this deck as I don’t quite dare to play it in my current rank of Gold 6 :stuck_out_tongue:

Long story short:

  1. Play Manaforger, Sphere (nirfed rip) and Lures in the early game and just generally swag around doing nothing sensible
  2. Play Nova
  3. During steps 1 and 2, hard replace for Painful Pluck and Alcuins. Once you have 3+ creep, you can start playing Yielding Depths and Munch.
  4. ALWAYS have at least 1 Pluck in hand at the end of your turn. This is the most important step.
  5. Once you get to 4-6 mana, start Plucking and Alcuining your Plucks back to your hand.
  6. At 7-8 mana, play your first Obliterate. By this point, you either have lost or have Plucked 2-4 times.
  7. In two turns, you can build enough creep for a second Obliterate to win the game for good.

WR 7-3 (70%) in Unranked (rip). If you get to rank 10/5/s, feel free to meme with this beauty! 20+ AoE damage ez gud :stuck_out_tongue:

Help me build my ultimate shadow creep deck