Miguel's Abyss deck and discussion space


Hard to find the room here, but it’s always a nice option too

Edit: now that I think of it more, the deck achieves lethal at 7 mana on average, so Knells might be a little too slow


I can hear this deck crying… I can hear it begging, praying…

For Abhorent Unbirth. Please, Miguel. Save this deck. Add abhorrent Unbirth.

Not good in the sense that I’d play it in a tourney (although memes in tournies is my thing) but it’s definitely good enough to play in any minionbyssian deck.


it is epic. sorry.


I was replying to the Hsuku deck.


Oops. Then really sorry and good idea.


Heh that could be fun :stuck_out_tongue: there’s not really other good sources of rush though besides Elkowl?


So just play it without rush :slight_smile:


Ez viable :smiley: but yep that’s definitely a fun idea! I can picture in my head a 10/24 provoke frenzy celerity flying blast abomination, just beautiful


Elkowl is low key really good in abhorrent.


Yep and Elkowl is one of my all time most abused meme neutrals too :stuck_out_tongue:


Really, there’s not much dispel on ladder now. I believe Abomination is a sudden threat as is.



You’re welcome fam.

Also fyi ArcByss Abomination with Firestarter.

Go wild.


Had a deck smwhere. Also @deathsadvocate had such deck in one of the prev expansions. It’s very viable I have to say. At least diamond level viable. Or was viable…


I actually have a full-blown Letigress, Firestarter, Elkowl etc. Abomination deck: Miguel’s Abyss deck and discussion space It even had Tormentor to steal your opponent’s rush minions :stuck_out_tongue: Abhorrent does not really fit my playstyle well so I haven’t used it much since then


I’m not really worrying about dispel but transform effects, Sandswirl, Haikstone etc. In the Hsuku deck, I usually like to build board rather than capitalize it all at once. When you have two beefy targets on board, the situation is more difficult for the opponent to play against than dealing with a single Abomination without rush.


I agree. However, I’m still dreaming of infinite sarlacs abomination deck. + Grimwar probably. Rush is hard to fit there, but Grimwar may be a thing. Hard to deal with artifact and Abomination at once.


That sounds cool, hopefully you’ll succeed in building one :slight_smile:


yikers infinite sarlacs in to blood echoes with grimwar


That’s two infinities right there!


Noees guys I earned a Magmar ribbon :magsad: