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I believe there is no greater agony in Duelyst than trying to play around Mind Cage Oni as Lilithe :abysspls:


Certainly Variax is a better wincon than Mnemovore, but I have seen enough of Variax back in the day and wanted to test Mnemovore with Lilithe. I should probably try and play more specialised decks instead of trying to play lots of archtepyes at once to avoid making such messy decks in the future.

Speaking of Doom, I tried a deck with all the removal and healing I could fit except Desolater (which I don’t own) and 2 Doom. I survived until I had around 15 cards left in deck and still didn’t draw Doom a single time during the whole game :pensive:


Doom is viable trust me


It means don’t trust @galaxydueler


i will ban you my dad works at cpg


…and you still can’t get proper Doom support?!


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Dont need chrome to play dooly
Galaxy dueler wins :sirpenti:


Then i’ll activate my trap card



Are Sentinels traps? :thonk:


Is drake dowager a girl :thonk:


But Dowager is female-specific. I bet my money on Bound Tormentor.


Mind cage oni hands down


@loliconartist u blew my surprise


Hsuku & Friends

Time for some more memey stuff again! One of the neutrals from ToM that really tickled my deckbuilding senses was Hsuku (also shout out to my favorite streamer). To those of you who haven’t faced him, Hsuku is a 4 mana 2/6 who is like a buff version of Spelljammer. At the end of each player’s turn, he gives a random buff and ability to one minion who isn’t Hsuku.

To utilize Hsuku’s effect, I built a good collection of buddies for him. Cards like Bonecrusher, Thorn and 9Moons provide decent tempo and really appreciate a well-timed buff. Playing Hsuku is a bit awkward of course, since often you want to play down a second Thunderhorn instead of him, but he worked often enough to keep things fun (and come on who would for example say no to a 2/5 Elkowl with Blast, Ranged and Celerity?). Since the opponent is busy answering whatever ridiculous stuff you get from Hsuku’s buffs he usually sticks for a couple turns even when planted next to the enemy general’s face.

Giago is a surprisingly good beefy boi against anything not Magmar or Vet, and helps to keep the enemy general locked down. 9Moons and Demonic Conversion provide some deck/gameplan disruption, and Spec Rev is a decent finisher when the opponent has been smacked to face a couple of times with Thorn, Bonecrusher or Spectral Blade. I would have never guessed a year ago that someone could actually be surprised by an on curve Revenant, things really have changed huh?

Winrate was 12-8 (60%) in Diamond.

The Purification Crusade

Is conversion actually good rather than fun?


I would say so. It’s like a First Wish that gives you stuff from the opponent’s deck instead of buffing your own stuff, so it’s never a bad card unless it hurts the deck’s synergies too much. 3/3 Cryptographers, 2/5 Heralds and much other stuff you often get are more than good enough to play for +1 mana in order to get your deck thinner.


Ben Swolobeast Swarm (Unranked, only commons and rares!)

Time for some unranked fun! For this deck, I combined my old Prismatic Zombies (Swarmcanyst) deck with a Cantrip Arcanyst list that I had lots of fun in the Ancient Bonds meta (yeah I was one of those guys playing Arcanysts, but Abyss version was a lot more tolerable than Vanar). So, I added in Demonic Conversion and ta-dah: this abomination popped out. It’s got only commons and rares, and the only Shim’zar cards Sphere and Inkhorn only cost 240 spirit together so I’d say it’s quite budget friendly too.

We have a whole total of 12 1-2 cost spells that cycle (Conversion gives you relatively playable minions and Inkhorn gives you garbage, but doubles as soft removal), so we have a ridiculous amount of spellprocs. Besides those, we’ve got Araras Prophet who is surprisingly sticky since people definitely won’t be playing attention to her too much with this deck. Playing Brilliant Plumes feels just somehow soo satisfying.

For minions, we’ve got the good ol’ Owlbeast+Illusionist combo which just helps make your swarm seriously SWOLE. Add Furor Chakram, and well… cue in Imperial March, cause we’re killing some padawans today. Firestarter is a beast with Chakram, and makes for a decent finisher to get those last few points of health off.

Winrate was 17-3 (85%). This deck goes off quite often, and boy when it goes off.

Tagging @alplod cause you might find this deck amusing :stuck_out_tongue:

Hit me with you budget memes

I do. That’s my style :slight_smile:

I’d add 2-of Knell smwhere, just in case.