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I think i shall reconsider too. i think the problem with how i view it is that I want it to be a highroll machine, which it isn’t.

that said, if it’s not too much to ask, do send a replay where you play gibbet. I think I could learn a lot from how you pilot babyshanker.


I was misguided by ‘overall’. Now I see.

I’ve never found a place for Gibbet in my decks. The reason may be that I either play hyperswarm or highly specialized memes or hybrids (like arcanyst smth, or full creep, with everything creep related). I don’t see Gibbet often, btw, but on the other hand I can’t say that I see many Abyssian decks that are not Dying wish or Underlord.


Sure. I haven’t played in a while and I won’t be home for more than two days until like three weeks from now but I’ll try to dig one up.

@alplod yeah it doesn’t really fit in your decks. I run it in my creep, Underlord and specific Maehv lists (Gibbet with Horn Shaman’s bonus hp can be a serious threat).

That’s what it’s like at the bottom of the meta :slight_smile:


Yep I was thinking more of stuff like Juxta or Crescent Spear + Gotatsu

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And people say Im the one on the list

Nice deck besides, there is obviously optimizations to be made but sometime its just fun to mess around with your favorite cards


Creep: Q Edition

Next on the line of my Q lists is creep, which is quite obvious in terms of deckbuilding: we have two solid creep 2-drops (Ooz & Abyssal Crawler), some extra 2-drop removal (Gibbet & Maw) and Operant for the occasional lolz Mechaz0rs. Another 2-drop + Maw was quite often my p2t1 play, while Oozes and Gibbets took priority as p1t1. Punish and Lure are ofc the two Cass staples.

After (as well as before) Q, the deck’s plan is to find one or multiple Klaxons. Surprisingly often, with good planning it’s quite possible to ramp Klaxon at 5 mana with a manatile (I managed to do this in around a third of my games). After Klax, all the Azaleas and Obliterates gain massive value. And, as all the cards are 3-ofs, they can be very reliably found even with aggressive replacing for whatever you happen to need. Deso gives the deck sustain and an additional gameplan in case you can’t build enough creep, while EMP is almost as good as before the nerf and can outright win the game against many decktypes (walls and artifacts, most notably) that the deck otherwise struggles against. From 5 mana on, it’s important to start replacing for the heavy stuff as the hand size will run a bit low with only Deso providing draw. With good planning, good replacing and playing Q at a convenient spot I didn’t really have many problems with hand size. Gold players don’t seem to be playing around any of the deck’s “big cards” besides Obliterate (Klaxon, Azalea & EMP), so I was able to squeeze a few wins almost “out of nowhere”.

Winrate was 15-1-3 (79 %) in Gold.


Singing oops, I did it again

(deck cost over 15k, sorry :p)


Continuing discussion from Aggro Maehv to S with REEEEEE69

Hey, @owlbeastmd, do you have any updates to this awesome deck? What do you think about its place in the current meta?

I didn’t have as much success with it this season, but I’m an irresponsible pilot. However previously it rocked.

I tried substituting saberspine with Gnasher, what do you think?


Gonna go off topic a bit from what everyone else is discussing and post two decks I’ve really been working on and messing around with in ranked. Would really like the thoughts of abyss mains on the efficiency/meming power of these decks.

This one is more of a competitive steal deck that I played last season, and it’s really more of a midrange that might’ve gotten weakened by steal cards. I’m not really a fan of this one because it hardly ever completes its goal of stealing the other deck, but it works pretty well in fights. This one can transition to a standard midrange if it needs to with the abundance of abyss removal and strong neutral minions.

WR in low ranking (was sitting around 100) S last season was 10w/20l - 33%

This is the one I created today and not sure if it would work so well as the one above, but it definitely has more potential to steal cards. No data about this one yet.

I’m aware there are some sabotage abyss decks above, but wanted some thoughts on mine.

I’m not exactly sure if this is a place where people like me can post their semi-bad abyss decks, but at least abyss mains can see this deck and help me with it.

EDIT: Just realized I accidentally put depths in the first deck, replaced with grasp.


I was just looking for steal decks, thanks for posting. I can’t say anything relevant atm, but I’ll try them and maybe post some thoughts.

It is the exact place. I hope we’ll see more decks from you, and I guess the thread owner @miguelosz will also be glad to have more participants.

Being S rank is also respect.


Yep, everyone is welcome to post their Abyss-related content, it’s always great to have more discussion :slight_smile: Fun looking decks! I happened to actually just the other day think about adding Manaforger and Abjudicator in a steal deck. If you want to maximize the level of (bad) memes, you can add a couple of Unleash the Evils for some really spicy finishes (I still fondly remember my Flying Rush Zendo from when ToM was released).


In regard of stealing cards, mindlathe is really really good. Smashing your opponent face with his own wanderer/thorn/visionare feel just so good. 100% recommend in aggro cassyva


Mindlathe is great :slight_smile: Just good to note that if it’s not used as a finisher it helps to have a way of destroying the stolen minion after attacking with it (Maehv’s bbs, DFS and Ritual Banishing are probably the most common ones).

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Punish is my fav


I don’t like to write deck explanations, so I’ll post a decklist, and then some screenshots. Enjoy.

[Wraithling Revenge]MTozMDEsMjozMTAsMTozMTcsMzozMjgsMzozMzEsMzoxMTAzOSwzOjExMDg4LDM6MTEwOTYsMzoyMDA0OSwzOjIwMDY1LDM6MjAwNzIsMzoyMDA4OSwzOjIwMjA1LDM6MjAyNzIsMzozMDA1MQ==

Work in progress, but 4w/0l in low gold currently. OK, it’s 7-7. Dreaded Mantra and ArtiHai…

Lots of hillarious screenshots:

Game 1:

Well, here the lethal was obvious even for an opponent. He was just overwhelmed.

Game 2

From the defensive position…

into the offensive…

and the opponent is dead…

Game 3

I would never have predicted this lethal if I were him. But here it is:

Game 4
Double Abjudicated spells are good for combo.
But I had no board, so…
He thought he was victorious. I would have also thought that if I didn’t know what I had prepared:

Hope you enjoyed it.

To conclude, the deck is rather powerful due to its unpredictabiity. It probably sucks against Sajj, Artireva and Mantra, but in other cases even one wraithling can easily deal 10+ dmg at 6 mana. Add Abjudicator and persistent buff from Crown and you have a very funny deck.

Any thoughts, comments, critisism?


Somehow that 1x Gloomchaser triggers me so much :smiley: awesome deck, thanks for sharing! It’s been too long since I’ve seen a Baronette list, great that you got it to work


I just noticed that I draw it every P1T1. No kidding. He’s enough.


Cool deck! Do you really need void steal? Looks to me a regular dfc is better

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Void Steal has some notable pros for this type of deck:

  1. Given you have some swarm, you can remove anything with 3- attack and save those buffed wraithlings for further use.
  2. It buffes several wrathlings at once increasing chances that at least one of them will be alive at the time of Blood Baronette combo.
  3. We don’t want to trade wraithlings at all. Also, with Crown equipped sacrificing wraithlings to get DFC buff may become difficult.

Void Steal is such an underrated card. I ran it and Shiro in my first S-rank list (swarm) back in the Shimzar days and both cards carried the deck a ton :slight_smile: