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[relentless Rampage ]MTozNTUsMjozMTQsMjozMTgsMzozMjIsMzozNDAsMjozNDEsMTozNTcsMzozNTksMzoxMTA5NSwzOjE5MDQ1LDM6MjAwNDksMzoyMDA1NywzOjIwMDU5LDM6MjAxNjYsMzoyMDIyNiwyOjIwMzM0

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Interesting meme philosophy. In my opinion, memes are better if they also work well.


Have you had some success with this? :slight_smile:


yea its great i must say
alot of fun too xD


I’m not sure what this is, but I definitely need it


Aggro Cass: Q Edition

I finally crafted Quasimodo, and I have plenty of ideas for him. Actually, most of these are built around existing and well tested archetypes. There’s a few things to note about Q deckbuilding that I’ve found out during my testing:

What Q doesn’t need:

  • A deck built heavily around him
  • To be played every game

What Q DOES need:

  • A decent amount of 2-drops (sweet spot seems to be between 15 and 18)
  • A strategy that benefits from deck thinning after 6 mana

These will be the premises in all my (possible) Q decks to come. We’re starting out with a deck that has probably had all-time the most appearances in Dooly tierlists out of all Abyssian decks: good ol’ Aggro Cass.

This deck plays much like regular aggro Cass: keep pushing for damage, heal & play single removals, and finish with Dark Seeds, Rev or Desolator spam. However, we have always a 2-drop to start with and a fearsome lategame after playing Q (Spec Rev is a real beast when you can replace him every time before 5-6 mana and still usually find him when needed). The downside is that the midgame is not as good, which means that some hyperaggro-decks or very beefy midrange decks can outburst-/value you more often than against the typical build.

Weak spots that I would probably change if I would build the list again are Primus Fist (for Healing Mystic, since his effect was rarely needed) and possibly Replicant (for Spelljammer, although Repli has his benefits here). WR was 8-1 (89%) in Silver and 6-5 (55%) in Gold, so 14-6 (70%) overall. I also had perfect lethal in the last game but blew it due to tiredness, feelsbadman…


I don’t remember if I posted this exact deck anywhere, but I am always tinkering with my all time favourite brew, Arcane Swarm.

[arcaswarm 2]MTozMDEsMjozMTAsMzozMTcsMjozMTgsMzoxMDMwMywzOjEwMzA1LDM6MTEwODgsMzoxMTE1MiwzOjIwMDQ5LDM6MjAwNTcsMzoyMDA3MCwzOjIwMTMzLDM6MjAyNzIsMjoyMDMzNCwzOjMwMDM5

The reason for this deck’s existance is that I’ve noticed two things:

  1. Arcanysts (namely Illusionist and Firestarter) actually swarm better than most swarmy Lilithe cards.
  2. Playing against this kind of rogue deck is not easy. As we are playing both swarm and Owlbeast, the opponent doesn’t always understand, which threat is more dangerous.

Thus the hybrid deck with both of my 2 favourite engines.

Feel free to discuss and suggest.

Not bad in diamond.


You’re not the only one playing this :stuck_out_tongue: I just did a run with Ben Swolobeast a few weeks ago and it’s fun as ever. One question though: should those Shadowdancers be Firestarters?

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I have 2 versions of this deck, one of them using Firestarters. But.

Shadowdancers provide both reach and flexibility (after some calibrations :stuck_out_tongue:) which Firestarters cannot provide. I agree, rush frenzy sparks, or DFCed sparks are very-very fun, but I find them hard to pull off consistently. Shadowdancer, on the other hand, helps in the case when the opponent’s general is far-far away, and your army has some hard time reaching him. Cass/Deso, Geomancer Reva and Faie often use such tactics in a pinch, and in this case Dancer is very useful. Also, swarm mirrors.

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Btw, I managed to make a low curve somewhat working Swarm Wanderer list. It’s really swarmy… for a Wanderer. And is able to win by DFC or Shadowdancer. 4-1 in mid Diamond right now. 2 games won without summoning Wanderer at all :rofl:


Little to no removal is an obvious weakness, IMHO.


No revenant? He seems good in Wanderer


Lots of stuff is good in Wanderer, but look at this list like it is hyperswarm. I wanted to make it as swarmy as possible, while including lots of deathwatch synergy and other swarm finishers (even Shadow Watcher. It’s OP).

Actually, I believe Stygian is unneeded, but I want to play him at least somewhere.

Mirrorim is nice, btw. In aggro matchups I copied mystic or sister and it helped.

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Arras prophet looks a little weak, I don’t think you’ll draw plumes reliably. I would play Aethermaster for the value of the replaces and then slip Kron in there. Maybe I just like Kron too much but I would play Aethermaster over Arras Prophet with or without him.

I might go further and exchange Gloomchaser for primus fist, vellumscry for Spelljammer, priestess for Bloodbound Mentor and drop inkling surge and maybe drop one deathfire crescendo.

To my surprise I also found punish to be generally a slightly better choice than sacrifice In S rank at the moment so you might be interested to try that.


Variax for Revenant and Stygian for Moonrider would be my main suggestions. Also Horrific Visage is kinda weird but if it works for you I won’t judge you :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, and Horn of the Forsaken but no Grimwar?

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I agree that without a lot of spells, Shadowdancer is probably better for Arcaswarm than Firestarter (most spells also cycle in my list so things can get really brutal sometimes when you play 4 a turn).


I just love these little girls.

Overall, I don’t feel like increasing replace value. Kron is definitely good, but, Araras provides healing and free spell procs, which won me sone matches in past.

That is a thing I can agree with. I just want more spells with Arcanyst synergy.

Don’t misjudge midrange SWARM for aggro.

I would. Thanks.

Sure, moonrider! I would try that. Nor sure about Rev though. Strangely, it feels too slow.

I loved this card after my Swarmzig deck. It never came to my hand, but I’m willing to test it more.

True. I counted my swarm producers vs swarm cashers and decided to have one more swarm producer.


Speaking about Wanderer Swarm, I have a pretty good record of it in Diamond (14-2), with about half of the matches finished even without playing Wanderer himself!

Just another proof that 1-ofs are not big enough disadvantage to advocate +1/+1 buff to everything. Wanderer decks are stupidly powerful.


Wow, nice! I didn’t have such a huge wr when testing my “main” version of the deck, but then again meta was very different then. One-ofs definitely don’t hinder the deck a lot.

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Maybe it’s because the end of the season.