Midrange - Mecha StarHorn


I hope you guys enjoy this deck =)

Keep always all low cost mechs and Natural Selection

Probably at mid game you’ll have or almost a mechazord. Use it wisely =)

Decimus + BBS + Tectonic Spikes

Makantor, Lavaslasher & Elucidator
These three you’ll use to control the board. Makantor & Elucidator you may use to win the game! (Elucidator + Thumping Wave)


makantor can’t be thumping waved unless you flash it, you have no flash


What ranks have you been playing this deck at?
How often do you miss first turn plays, with only having 6 minions you can play in the deck?


15 to 11 (until the moment)

hardly ever


Ops… My bad =b

I using Makator + Thumping in another deck that have flash.

Thanks for alert! =)


Makantor is one of the 2 best cards magmar has(with lavaslasher)…theres never a justification for not running it 3times
Decimus is your wincon…you should use 3 of him too


Replace Ragebinder with Flash Reincarnation so you can pull the DeciSpikes combo on 5 mana.


Reducing the Elucidators might be better. Especially as Ragebinder is one of the few healing options he has. You need to survive to reap the Mech reward. But replacing for Flash Reincarnation ist a must have in a Starhorn list.


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