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Midrange Kaleos...anything usefull from the expansion?

This is the midrange Kaleos list im using…a slightly different version before the expansion used to be quite powerfull in my opinion.
Now i fail to find stuff of the expansion that makes this deck stronger so i would realy like to hear your suggestions for changes

Simply there is nothing from the xpac that makes this deck stronger. You can try massacre artist but is it better than thorn/flamewreath? No


Bezekori or whatever his name suppost to be good and massscre artist

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yah, bakezori is insanely powerful… I also consider orizuru to be quite strong as well, but I might be the only one haha

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Apparently Scarzig is p-good.

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Yes josh, it’s just you.


@terrarius I’d max out on Wreath and EMP in this shell personally, Fox is one of your weaker cards, as is Gotatsu due to it’s general low value nature.

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This ?

Bandit, Sentinel, Lantern and KE-on-BS are enough for card draw/cycling without any Gotatsu ?

If no gotasu, why not Hideatsu? For those long games

Then one should replace smth with Bloodtear Alchemist or Swamp Entangler, which is not so good.

Aside from the reason alplod mentioned, Ox also has anti-synergy with Oni so that is another reason against him.


Just out of curiosity, how does Ox have anti-synergy with Oni? I don’t see an immediate connection.

BTW, if there are midrange Hai professionals gathering here…

I don’t have Hamon at all. I see the power of Hamon/Zendo Combo, but I don’t want to craft Hamon.

  1. How often are you able to perform this combo?
  2. What one may want to replace Hamon with? Blades?

smaller hand size

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When you play Oni there is a chance you will draw a lot of cards, particularly when used against Abyssian. When you can only fold 5 cards in your Hand due to Ox hogging up the sixth it is very easy to put Oni’s splendid ability too waste.

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It’s not only about the power of Hamon/Zendo, it’s also, Hamon/MDS and Hamon/Juxtaposition. Personally, I only play Zendo if I have on of these 2 (or Blink is available next turn).
Go for Hamon ! :slight_smile:

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It honestly depends on your playstyle whether or not to run Hamon. Some people like to play Geomancer instead and some prefer no 5 drops at all. The Hamon and Zendo combo is strong and wins games, but semi OTK stuff like that is not my thing.

Unfortunately, all this advice is useless because new expansion so experiment and see what you best succeed with. In the end, midrange hai is fun in that you can mix and match with different minions, heck you can even play Giago as your 5 drop.

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Don,t forget hamon assasin protocoll

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I personally never run ASS because it is almost always clunky to have, there will be few times where you can actually use it effectively. That is why I suggest any midrange deck have only +3 MDS, +3 Jux and +3 OBS as spells. Only in arcanyst decks I run it because, one, you have many big bodies to use it with, two, cheap spell proc, and three, replaces itself with cards like Bandit and Conjurer on the field.

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I can’t give up protocol in a deck playing T-horn. Especially in this meta.

But Geomancer is a nice option. Thanks, I’ll try it.

Here’s the deck I’m having fun (and success !) with:

Made a post a few days ago about this, I have tweaked the deck a bit since I wrote it, but here’s the link: https://forums.duelyst.com/t/ranked-scarzig-deck-insane/13727

As for the expansion, I would say that as Shadow Waltz has rotated out while it could have really shined with Massacre Artist / Kendo Expert / Horned Mask, the only card I find somewhat useful for midrange Kaleos is Bakezori, as a tech card that can be great for some decks who need heavy draw.