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So this is the deck I have been laddering with, it has done exceptionally well, regularly putting me up into the top 50 (which I then sadly sink out of when I don’t get to play for a week or so.) It was born from trying to round out and cover the weakness of Midrange and Various control lists. I really wanted to fit dispel, and with the aggressive meta I wanted more healing and it just sort of turned into this.

So the deck is pretty simple, even a little boring, its not quite control, midrange, or solo. Its just has tons of healing to make aggro fizzle, all the control to force the game to run late so Vaath can become a huge threat, combined with the usual rush/thumping engine. I run two Elucidator as the health loss it causes means you almost never want to use it unless as a finisher.

Game plan is very simple, clear the field, heal heal heal, once Vath has at least 3 attack start going face with him. You tend to hold onto thumpings for emergency removal, or to end the game, I do however frequently combo them with Taygete. At the start replace all high cost stuff for an early start and to help curve later, don’t be afraid to use your healing units or even a shroud to contest mana globes.

Classic Midrange

So here is good old Midrange Vath, it packs some of the best two drops in the game, it has the pain/ramp engine which combos really well with Sunsteel, taygete, and Mankantor, and Lkian combined with a medium curve to keep up your card advantage. Eggmorph plus thumping takes the place of any dispel, and its usually aggressive enough to end the game before you would need dispel for big late game threats and or Mechazor.

Frenzy Variant

So here is my take on optimizing the recent trend of Diretide + Sojourner. For those who don’t know Sojourner can draw you multiple cards from a single attack with frenzy. To top that off we have all the rush units who are the classic combo with Diretide. It could run mandrake, but I have really fallen in love with Grove Lion for Vath lately, and since its not quite a flood deck I find Lion does the lategame threat better.

Its a solid midrange list, but I have a couple issues with it. First Plasma storm is really awkward to run in it, next once your in high tier play everyone is playing around Makantor already so its really tough to actually get value out of frenzy. It currently looks more like my hybrid list instead of midrange due to my recent success with hybrid. I have put in limited testing, but it is a solid deck.

I have made it to S rank for several seasons now, barring some where I was only able to play around 20 games the entire month, even then I was still diamond. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better for when I do eventually get around to it. Check out last weeks post here: Flood Protection for Abyss, Vanar, and Magmar

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