Mid-Range Artifact Sajj


Just sharing a list that is currently working well for me right now.

It is a hybrid of the traditional control Sajj with the Artifact Finisher. Currently having an 8-win streak with this deck in diamond. It is fun to play (subjective) a bit faster paced than the usual lists and can compete with faster decks.

The primarily goal of the deck is to control the early game by using maws and blood tear alchemists to remove the enemy’s low cost minions while allowing your self to have a board presence then laying threats yourself while fishing for Artifacts and Time Maelstrom as a finisher.

Card Choices:

General - Sajj - Sajj’s BBS is very helpful for this as she can eliminate problematic minions while still maintaining the board. Several cards included in the deck allows you for a better trades (Falcius, Saon).

Siphon Energy - Free dispel

Bloodtear Alchemist - 1 damage ping 2/1 body. Very helpful for dealing with Reva’s BBS and for killing 1 HP minions in general. Very helpful in cleaning the board.

First Wish - +1/+1 Card Draw.

Shorud - Dispel + a 2/2 body on board. Cheap removal maintains board.

Healing Mystic - 2/3 body + heal. Keeps Sajj healthy as she most likely will hit minions with her BBS.

Maw - Dealing with early game minions while maintaining board very useful for the deck’s strategy overall.

Falcius - One of the best cards in the deck mainly used for trading or pushing lethal.

Repulsor Beast - Buys more time as soon as the opponent lays down a threat. Having this sometimes is game winning.

Spell Jammer - Card Draw. The curve of the deck is a bit low due to usage of low mana minons to maintain the board. Having this is very important to keep the deck having options when needed. It also allows you to get your finishers faster.

Time Maelstrom - Finisher. Allows you to reactivate your general on the same turn maintaining all the buffs she has for the turn.

Wild Fire Ankh - Enable blast on the general. Very useful for wiping mobs in a straight line or preventing direct face damage while you chip down the opposing general’s health.

Hex Blade - Taken for the +3 damage as a finisher. Can also be useful for trading with high damage minions. With 5 attack + BBS you can easily take down almost any minion while only receiving 1 damage in return.

Sand Sister Saon - Very useful for dealing with Kron. Sister + Saon ensure that you can easily trade well with Kron. The damage is also useful towards end-game when you are pushing for lethal.

Kron - Helps keep up the pressure. Always a threat that forces the opposing general to neutralize.

Aymara - A late game insurance. Game winning if the opponent does not have an answer.

Cards that didn’t make it

Spine Cleaver - Too slow for this type of game play. Does not help with the time maelstrom combo as the cost is too high and the damage added (+1) is not enough to close most games.

Aurora’s Tears - Artifact Sajj without this seemed weird at first. Tried it a lot of times but it did not seem to work. Mostly a dead card in hand. Games can be closed even without this card.

Nimbus - Too slow to become a threat. Unlike Kron, Nimbus does not have an immediate effect. The card’s effect take 3 turns to activate which most games are about to be over.

Gameplay Videos:

Not the best games I admit. Just viewing these made me laugh as I did so many mistakes but still took the game. Seems like viewing your replays helps tremendously in finding which plays you should/n’t have done in games.

Gameplay #1
Gameplay #2

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