MEZILJIE VS. ARMADILLOVACUUM | Round 1 Official ToM Tournament Match Shoutcast w/ TheTacticalGmr & Hsuku



Zirix the Christmas Frostfire Tree Deity feeling a little glum, decided to leave the party, taking with him the gifts delivered to him by the “friends” who couldn’t be bothered to brave the cold, Christmas Frostfire night to attend derpy knight Argeon’s party. Before that though, derpy knight Argeon ran up to him and gifted Tree God Zirix with a shot of the delicious frostfire colored eggnog that he kept in his sword, causing Tree God Zirix to collapse with tears of joy, thus re-affirming that Christmas Frostfire gifts delivered in person are far superior to ones delivered by mechanical means.

Awesome games guys, really enjoyed the plays made. Looking forward to what’s to come!


Tree God Zirix is the best way to describe that lol the whole time we were waiting for Sandswirl Reader to mess up the replays, was not expecting Falcius to be the culprit.


I’m so sorry to keep pestering you like this, but I need that thumbnail font right now. Honestly, awesome presentation; I wouldn’t be surprised if you made it yourself. That aside, fantastic content as usual. Very exciting matches, and the glowing logo on the top of the match screen looks insanely good. You definitely need more subs. :confounded:


haha, well I’m glad you enjoyed! The font is pretty much just different weights of the “Gotham” font. You are correct though, I did edit a lot of it (the A in Trials, all the cuts in between the letters for Mythron and ofc the Wanderer staff was custom).

I would have gone with the usual Lato (Duelyst default font) but I found I didn’t have enough weights for the appearance I was going for.


I felt like Hsuku’s commentary sounded a little muffled, while your’s rang a little. Other than that, I’m having a great time watching these matches.


glad you enjoyed! and yeah it feels weird to not have issues on the youtube recording side of things but when it involves calls and twitch things get a bit fuzzy since theres like 4-6 different settings to take into account (OBS, client side discord, their discord, their mic settings, my mic settings)


I’m so satisfied with Aggro Zirix ass kicked so hard… Twice. Awesome.


So toxic. :joy:


what was up with that argeon skin?


Pretty sure it’s limited. Kickstarter reward maybe?


It used to be a Kickstarter reward as halcyon said, and last year it was a price for some tournaments.


a skin I wish I had! :slight_smile:


I like it more than the real argeon skin. reminds me of astral crusader.


It was for anyone who got an invite to worlds.


That good ol’ Shadow Nova + Munch topdeck tho :smiley: Awesome!


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