Metaltooth interaction


the strange thing about metaltooth is that it gains rush when you summon mechs after him. The even stranger thing about metaltooth is that the rush will not be copied by silver even though it does gain rush(even though it doesn’t matter to metal himself). what do you guys think? is that intended? i feel like it’s a bug introduced due to the abhorrent hotfix


Metaltooth - Gains Rush if;

  • You have at least one other Mech on the battlefield, either already established or played after the Tooth itself. It will lose Rush if it is the only Mech on the battlefield so be sure to either attack with it first or keep a Mech around to not have it become exhausted.

So about Silver;

There was a bug with Metaltooth and Unbirth where Tooth was hardcoded as having Rush as a keyword but only becoming “active” when its conditions are met. This resulted in the Unbirth player being able to give their Abominations Rush even with only Metaltooth on the battlefield. After this bug was patched you can still do the above combo but you WILL need another Mech to grant Metaltooth Rush for your Abomination to copy.

The reason this is relevant is how it impacts your ordering. Metaltooth + Silver IS a good combo resulting in 9 damage Rush minions but you need to do it in the correct order, this being summoning the Silver first, then playing the Metaltooth as it will enter having Rush and grant it to your Silver as well. This could be because when playing Silver with a Metaltooth on board, your metaltooth only gains Rush AFTER the Silver is played so it has no Keyword to distribute to your other Mechs.

At least this is my very quick and dirty musings on the interaction with no real testing atm but I’m messing around with Mechs atm so if/when the interactions come up again I’ll double back and clarify.


hmmm, i actually never had problems with who gets summoned first if they are on the same turn. they both get rush and i’m often happy since i have a solid lethal.

my problem boils down to this scenario: metaltooth didn’t have rush on the turn it is summoned. BUT on the next turn, i summon a deceptibot or a ghoulie. this gives metaltooth the “rush” keyword as hovertext(and metaltooth text agrees with it).

and finally on the 3rd turn, i summon silver and metal doesn’t have rush :frowning:

or maybe i had everything wrong and i need to take a better look at my replays.


was the other mech on the field with metaltooth on the field on the third turn though? it doesnt matter if it had rush, only if it still did when you played silver


i think so, but i’ll have to double check my replays to be sure.


Link me the replay in question and I’ll have a gander.


i’ll get to it when i go into a pc cafe. still don’t have a home computer.


It seems to me that Rush is shared with SILVER when Rush ‘activates’ on Metaltooth. So if you have a SILVER and play Tooth, Rush activates and both have Rush. If you have a Metaltooth (and only a Tooth) on board and play a SILVER, Rush activates and is thus shared.

But if you have activated Rush with another minion (Metaltooth, then Deceptibot) and want to play SILVER later, Rush has already been activated earlier and thus is not shared.

Of course, this is just my thoughts and please take them in with a massive heap of salt. Just seems to be how it works from the interactions listed above and my personal experiences.


I’ve considered this too. but silver does carry over rush when metaltooth had rush on the turn metaltooth was summoned. i can even spam more silvers which gets rush.

the scenario is like this:
t1 metal, no rush
t2 deceptibot. (metal has rush on hover text? needs confirmation)
t3a: silver doesn’t get the rush when summoned.

switching t1 and t2 wil result in
t3b: silver summoned with rush


(No mechs on board)
Silver (first) + metaltooth (second) = Silver with rush, metaltooth with rush (9dmg)

Metaltooth (first) + Silver (second) = Silver with NO rush, metaltooth with rush (2dmg)

(All on one turn)

Metaltooth (first) + random mech + Silver = 9+ dmg rush combo (at least what I’ve somewhat experienced with mechs)
Not 100% sure if this is it, but what I’ve experienced

Random mechs + Silver + metaltooth = 2 dmg metaltooth, other mechs don’t get rush unless they are summoned after metaltooth (or if they were played the turn before).


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