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Hello all,

My goal with this website is to create content focused around the meta matchups within Duelyst ladder from month/bi-weekly to month/bi-weekly. As this is the first ranking post, I am sure adjustments will need to be made in the future for the ranking process. But for now, any feedback is appreciated.

I will also be wanting to add more content contributors in the future, please message me if you would be interested.

Thanks for visiting!


It appears you took all your content from http://managlow.com/manaranks/ladder/08-07-2016/ without permission.

I recommend removing the link to OP’s website (this thread) from the official forum.


Okay tuffgiest man. Let me help you out here.

The reason reddit and now the official forums isn’t taking too kindly to your website is because (as of typing), your website is WHOLLY DERRIVATIVE of managlow.com. (full disclosure: I’m affiliated with Managlow) And while I am no lawyer, I’m pretty sure your useage of our content does not constitute fair use. Having a single sentance that says “this content is taken from managlow” does not make what you are doing legally or morally acceptable.

What you are doing right now if taking traffic away from managlow (thus depriving it of add revenue and such like). Thats traffic managlow earned by, you know, producing the content in the first place!

Its cool your passionate about the game and you want to make a website for it (it a nice looking site, by the way), and I genuinely wish you the best of luck with it. However, please don’t go the easy “quick-buck” route of rehosting content you have not permission to use.

You would serve the community, yourself, and us best by producing original content. Best of luck.


I apologize, I did not think the release through well enough. I have taken the site down temporarily until original content is prepared.


As this thread no longer serves a purpose closing it.

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