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Message for Moggin

Hey, there was that weird glitch again where you were talking but offline so I couldn’t respond to anything you said. I unfriended you and resent friend request to let you know that you were “offline.” There was no response and I don’t know how else to reach you so… yeah.

Add me back when you can?

Sorry for posting in a public place.

Lol. Unless moggin has a different username here, this will probably go unanswered.

Postage will cost you uwu

Friendly reminder that the Discord server is usually the most active forum for discussions etc.


Adding on to the friendly reminder, we never talk about Duelyst.


He probably had himself on do not disturb mode. He has done that to me before and others.

Thanks guys. He added me back.

I am in the Meltdown League’s discord, SonofMakuta’s discord and Hsuku’s discord. Hadn’t seen him in any of those

that’s some hella effort right there

You are in all the Duelyst’s Discord servers except the only one which calls itself official.

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There are some more :smiley:

Though the two biggest are DO and MDL for sure.

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