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Merry christmas!


This deck’s wr is happy holidays%

I felt I wanted to get creative today and spent probably way too much time, giving some minions a christmas makeover. Here you go.
Now this is a true elf:

Some northpole resident:

Christmas tree:

Christmastree ornament:


Rudolph (yes I only changed the nose):



Mistletoe spawn:


Feliz navidad!

pls use reindeer faie, elf zyx, santi claus dragaur and light blue snow chaser


Wow looks great! Good job!

And Merry Christmas to you too!


That’s some real dedication. Lovin’ these skins. Christmastree ornament, Reindeer, Mistletoe and Grinch will definitely go into my collection.


Nice work! Merry Christmas!


Amazing work, would you mind if i compiled these in my thread? All credit will be given


Sure, man go ahead! Love your thread. Also just changed the Voice of the Wind and Glacial Elemental as I wasn’t that happy with them.


Phenomenal work.


But…but…Cloudcaller should be painted like Santa!


Good call! Will get to it!


for the good children:

for the bad children two lumps of coal:







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