Memorable comeback


Hello everyone,

I am new here to these forums. Also rather new to the game actually (about 3 weeks since I first installed) (even though I helped kickstart it).

Last night I had a great time reading about memorable matches, great comebacks etc, and remember thinking: I haven’t really had anything quite like that yet.
Earlier today however something nice happened and I wanted to contribute.
But, I cannot find the threads anymore, so I’ll make this an introduction and a memorable play all rolled into one. :smile:

What I absolutely like the most of all is experimenting with new deck ideas, even if I know the decks aren’t really that good.

So this match just happened earlier today as I was testing a new deck idea for the first time (I reached Gold Division so I tested it against Gold Rank players, for those who want to know).

Hope you like what you see, I guess it’s more fun if you’ve played it yourself but maybe you still like it :slight_smile: Enjoy!


Whahahahahaha, “Well Played” oh that tteffup, quite the comedian xD. Nice comeback, something for @vyrocious?


Haha! Cool deck :slight_smile: Also glad to see Capt. Hart representing in the gold division! I’ve only seen 1 other person ever use him.


I see Spirit of the wild is as disgusting as always :unamused:
Nice use of Coldbiter! Really liked the board control it provided.


Thanks for the mention! I took a look at the clip and it looks like Crossbones was the game winner here, so for that reason, I will have to deny this clip a place in top plays.

It was a really lucky Crossbones. However, I don’t want to discredit OP at all! A very well thought out deck with great win conditions. Congratulations on the win!


Heh, well, I didn’t have to use it actually, wanted to make Crossbones even more of the star he was, but I could have finished with my Ranged unit plus General :slight_smile:


From what you’re saying I gather you collect clips of awesome plays? No, it really wasn’t so much a mega-plan as indeed just a lucky Crossbones and fun comeback for me.
Just wanted to share as it was quite fun for me :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the kind words :slight_smile:


Haha just had another one :smiley:

Really lucky (again), combined with a long stretch of running away and some dubious plays by a (sorry to say :confused:) very sore loser.
That was sad right after feeling great about the luck.

Of course, luck isn’t just that, I did maximize my chances for luck to happen. I could have given up long before when it seemed hopeless, could have cycled different cards etc.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!


yeah, that spiral topdeck was pretty cheesy. but it took a bit of skill to get to that point in the first place. don’t let that guy’s comments get you down. he’s just mad he lost with his easy mode kara deck