MemeStream Mondays on The Learning Curve! (Cancelled)


I’ve done a lot of things on my stream since I started it about 3 months ago. But of all the activities that have taken place, probably the most popular have been “meme nights”, where I have challenged other players to compete with custom decks, oddball cards, and even alternate wincons.

I’ve decided to make this into a regular feature, which I am calling “MemeStream Mondays”. Please join me this evening and every Monday (there may be some exceptions due to RL issues) as I present challenges that will test your skill at deckbuilding and playing, and provide you with entertainment as we watch players battle it out. You never know what will happen, but I guarantee it will be anything but the usual dull laddering!

I usually start my stream around 7pm or so Eastern Standard US Time. Hope to see you there!

Embedded stream link seems to not be working, if you don’t see it, please click here.


Oooohhh, MemeStream, I like it.


Not exactly what I call a good time for me - but I really think this can be a lot of fun for you and the watchers out there. Have fun!


I know the timing isn’t great for everyone but unfortunately that’s the only time I can do it. Hope at least some of you can stop by. :slight_smile:


Apparently a tournament stream is happening tonight that I thought was on the weekend so I’ll start this next week.


Going to give this a go this evening! I’m thinking up some fun challenges as we “speak”! :slight_smile: Hope to see you there.

EDIT: Nobody showed up so this is cancelled. :frowning:


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