(Memes) Top ten worst ways to loose in Duelyst


I was going to whine about the meta, which is actually not too bad at the moment, for half an hour, but I thought that memes would be a better way to convey my message. Enjoy the memes!

I can’t bring myself to hate something this cute

What could possibly go wrong if I left this alive for just one little turn?

All the right cards in all the wrong places:

Time to spin the meta roulette!

How is this even possible!?

This card has been the subject of complaints since the beginning of Duelyst!

Maybe time is just a consequence of the second law of thermodynamics since— (You can not do that. Your turn is over.)

I wonder what their game plan can possibly be. It could be anything.

In his house at Rush’lyeh, dead Cathulhu waits dreaming. Rush cat, Kinneti-cat, Kitty Immolation, Makantor warcat. All are names for one foul beast

This is the most common cause of loss for me. Silver players have beaten me with it. People with 5 health while I had an active Aymara during my turn has beaten me with it. The practice AI has even beat me with it:


Haha love the Arclyte Regalia one!


That’s only 9. You skipped number 8


oops. I have to fix that:


Sooooooo Vaath is new Reva now?


I’m not really sure; I just thought that he looks exasperated, raising his arms :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  1. It happens extremely rarely but when it does it’s definitely something one will remember for the rest of their lifes. Probably because it will be a source for their nightmares. He is not a merciful God after all. It wouldn’t be fun if he was.


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Facy McFaceFace is life! :wink:


Best thread ever? :smiley:


Miss Rasha Course!! I lose the match when i surrounded my opponent in a corner of the board with 5 minions(all with more than 5 of health) and i was 10/1 on the opposite coner and he had nothing on the field and only 1 card in his hand. That card!!!


Meme thread is the best :confused:


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