Memehai (Shidai)


I got a lot of help and feedback from the community with suggestions on Songhai.
Ultimately this isn’t really any one of those decks so much as a cultivation of knowledge I gained from experimenting with the decks that were suggested in that thread.

There’s a load of fun interactions and surprising moments. It has some control elements but tbh, I end up face for a lot of the fight. Lantern Fox is honestly the only card in here that I either am not using right or it just isn’t a good fit.

Gameplay so far - I don’t know about specific stats but so far this specific list is winning more than losing in gold. The Puppydragons are one of the more fun/interesting choices… because Mirroring them (especially with KEdge) is just really brutal. Using Zendo to sucker the enemy general into a Pup or Thunderhorn is defintely entertaining and effective.

Open to suggestions on improvements and if anyone has been using this already, I’m not trying to swipe… just having fun with an interesting deck :smiley:


If She hai



I’m not sure of puppy usage here. You probably don’t have enough swarm, and scroll bandit seems like superior choice.

1-off painter also seems weird, but I’m not sure how to include more, maybe in place of OBS.

Still, the list is mostly playable with the main question being why Shidai over Reva? Puppydragon, Killing edge and Mirror meld are superior with Reva’s heartseekers. You should really try the same exact list with Reva if you’d have any later difficulties with laddering.

Fox may be changed to Sojourner if you still need draw, or wild Tahr if you like being aggressive. Or to Mind Oni if you like random spells in Hai :slight_smile:


From my own experience of using Fox, it might be due to the deck not running spell cards that have the best synergy with Fox. Like Inner Focus, Assassination Protocol and Gotatsu. But Fox is annoying card to deal with by itself, which usually means at worse it eats a dispel.


Thanks for commenting alplod!
It’s done alright in Gold so far.
The puppies usually end up mirrored with killing edge as 7-15 attack before being juxtaposed with a Zendo drop. Scroll Bandit is something I would consider when I get enough spirit to make 3, but at the moment I tuck them away with something that will come in later with movement.

I am kinda torn on the OBS and painter dilemma. OBS has saved my bacon to ranged and other hard to reach utility while the few times I’ve played Painter it is a TON of fun. As expected I really have to fish for Painter as is. This is another option that I can’t really explore more thoroughly until I’ve built my spirit back up.

Reva is definitely worth a look. The Four Wind and Avatar spell interaction has largely been the drive for Shidai, though tbh, I never draw 4 Wind and Avatar would probably do fine without. The playstyle (at least how I’ve been using it) has been far more face… so I’d be concerned about Heartseekers being extremely vulnerable. Playing it midrange could work though.

Sojourner could work. Every time I play early Fox I end up watching the Phoenix Fires fly away from my already full hand. Tahr could work too… but maybe the trick is to just not play Fox on the curve? I feel like Oni would be the same situation… though understanding when to drop it will probably help.

You’ve given me a lot to think about and try. The deck is a lot of fun (for me) and all of your suggestions make sense :slight_smile:

@gsvalhalla That’s how it has ended up… basically an annoying card to force a dispel. Your insight definitely explains how I’m not capitalizing on it’s value though.


Definitely, the meta isn’t so spell heavy right now that you want to play Oni immediately as in the aggro zirix meta. One of the best uses I have found for it is against a fault deck just before their 6 mana turn.


It just convinces me that Reva is the way to go. Heartseekers either threaten face themselves or distract enemy from hitting yours. They can’t be ignored, since Killing edged heart seeker is very powerful, and you have 3xKE.

BTW, if you like puppy for its stats more than its abilities it may be better to consider another 1/4. Shaman or Celebrant are the first things that come to mind.

You seem to have enough draw then. Try Tahr as a 3 drop, it’s very annoying. Especially with teleport… and KE again.


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