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Memecore Golem deck


So I saw this memey Worldcore Golem deck at https://duelspot.com/deck/worldcore-golem-epic-memery/#deckcomments (credit to @gamerbothd), realised all I needed to make it was the 2 Mitotic Inductions and decided to give it a spin.

I made a few changes:

Here was my second game with it:

All I can say is, Iโ€™m loving the memey goodness :joy::joy:

Honestly it actually feels fairly solid though. Itโ€™s not difficult to get through the mid-game thanks to all of the removal options, Kujata/Flash let you get Worldcore out early and once heโ€™s out and you have Mitotic/Egg Morph in hand itโ€™s GG :grin:

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How he played into your Makantor was mindblowing.



Interesting deck! Can I ask why you have young slither and not golem metallurgist?


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