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Meme Infiltration?

I know, a deck like this isn’ t really viable, just want to post something new and different from the same old faice/mid:


Something different. I approve.

What does icebreak ambush spit out again?

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A wolfraven, 2 snowchasers, and a crystal cloaker

For six mana. That seems really good. Is it less so in practice? I’ve never actually seen it used.

Never had any problems against it. But theoretically cool if followed by that vespyr artifact.

It’s incredible in Kara, especially on an even board state, and much better with Wind Sister as well, so I definitely see what’s going on here

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That almost makes me want to make a Kara deck, and Vanar is the one faction I don’t play. Maybe later, when I’ve got spirit to burn, I just got done crafting a fat stack of legendaries, and I’m hoarding my gold for the next expansion.

That sounds like a brutal seven-mana play, icebreak ambush, kinetic surge. If they EMP, you’ve still got a bunch of little space blockers, and if they homeostatic rebuke, you get two snow chasers in hand…yeah, I think it sounds pretty cool.

Get it? Cool? Because Vanar.

They like ice, don’t you know.

You have too much removal, and I recommend removing Wolfraven since it’s a horrible card as well as Hailstone. Beyond that you could improve with some Vespyr synergy, Aspect Thunderhorn combo or just Kara synergy with explodey egg walls.

Hehe… that was a pretty bad pun. Either way, imagine this with a Maia already on the board, everything gets +2/+2, and your opponent flat concedes. Only issue is, you are almost never gonna be fully in front in any game.

Or just update an old S-deck with vespyr:

Dunno frostiva or voice? huldra or dryad(3+5 mana in combo with might)?
There are a lots of sinergy and combo here…

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