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Meltdown League Playoffs!


Hey folks I’m here with our last 4 player cards for those players who grabbed the last seats in the last chance tournaments so have a warm welcome to @meziljie @Ryvirath 4LW and @frostarrow !!!

The playoffs are beginning this week and the top 4 will be streamed this Sunday on the Meltdown Town!

Also as a fun poll I thought I’d let y’all vote on who you think is going to take it all at the end of the week!

Player Cards

  • Briguy77
  • SonofMakuta
  • DracoMoriarty
  • ImprobableBlob
  • JosephStalin69
  • Spammernoob
  • Niklaren
  • Galeru
  • Zabiool
  • TheMightyBaloon
  • Starkly
  • PonchoMango
  • Meziljie
  • Ryvirath
  • 4LW
  • FrostArrow

0 voters


I wish my teachers played Duelyst.


Unbirth Arcanyst Battle Pet Cass? But… but… how? :eyes:


Most successful deck in League: Wanderer XXX for 3 people out of 4…



@alplod <3


Why can’t I vote for wanderer, wanderer will definitely win :slight_smile:


zabi will save us from the wanderers


I just wanted to say none of you believed in my but 4 of the top 5 voted are already out and im locked in top 4

get rekt nerds :V


Saved my poll vote until someone wins, then I’ll vote. Can’t be wrong when its locked in :wink:


I am doing the same as well.

EDIT: Nvm, I was weak and voted already. Stark, you better win this one and prove me right.


Tfw stark was Spammer’s first victim. :eyes:


aww im late :C
15 char


oh man tomorrow shit is going down


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