Meltdown League Playoffs Player Card #2


Hey folks I’m back again with our second day of Meltdown League playoff player cards and today we’ve got our #2 seed Briguy77!


I love how everyone wrote Wanderer Ragnora as their most successful list in League.


haha nah the top 2 are on it but the next 3 won’t be :slight_smile:


The next 3 will be ragnora wanderer instead.

If they are not cancerrag my bet are on burnhorn or buildmar though :thinking:


I can probably tell you what they are if you really want to know :stuck_out_tongue:


Wanderer Reva? :rofl:


Bullshit. It’s gonna be pseudo-rush rebirth serpenti OTK.


I never knew Briguy had such a big circly nose. And what a moustache! Something like that could be iconic.


Haha theres one more Wanderer then the next two are non-wanderer.


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