Meltdown League Playoffs Player Card #1 w/ bonus hype


Hey folks we’re reaching the end of the first season of the Meltdown League and we’ve had a few players already lock their places in the upcoming playoffs.

We wanted to give a these players a spotlight and each day this week we’ll be showing off player interview cards for each of the 5 players who have already locked their seats going into the final week of the league.

Without any more wait here’s our first player card and it is of the current front runner SonofMakuta!

Also once we’ve finished our gallery of players (should coming be on Monday) we’ve got a special announcement! (Disclaimer is doesn’t have anything to do with expansions or balance patches but it’s exciting!)


THAT is the right way to do it :rofl:



real happy for you:)


Thank you so much! :smiley:


Nice idea + congrats!
@rhacker93 perhaps in the future, you could link highlighted players’ media accounts (assuming they consent)?

To those of you who don’t know, @sonofmakuta streams and youtubes, so feel free to look back on his past work for gameplay and deckbuilding inspiration!


He is also to be found on the wiki, as an example all his deck techs are here. All his guides are on the same wiki page, just scroll further down.


Grats man, I see your videos often and they are very entertaining (and i guess that people just started could learn sooo much from your reasonings)

But you will die in hell for using wanderer rag sorry.


Yeah that’s a really good idea!


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