Meltdown League Last Chance


Hey everyone,
I know many of you have seen posts about it and this will be the last one for a while but today is the last chance to join the Meltdown League!

We’ve got over 60 people signed up right now and over $400 in prize support so if you want to join the fun now is definitely the time!

Wish y’all the best of luck and hope to see as many of you as possible there,


Since @alphacentury’s taking a break from Duelyst, would the dinner date donation still be available?


Alpha is at least be playing in this tournament he said.


Yeah like Flygon said Alpha is still playing in the tourney. I’m sure that if someone bought it they’d still attend the date. :eyes: :heart:


Didn’t realise how soon the tournament was starting. Haven’t made a fun deck yet for the tournament and won’t have time this weekend. Might have to go with something more normal for week 1. Then find something crazy for week 2 onwards.


Nothing wrong with that. :smile:


Gah, I’d join, if exactly on that day i wouldnt be going to summer camps


I will be gone for 3 weeks too at some point and I am still allowed to join.


Really? I need to check out the rules again


It doesn’t say anything about it in the rules, I just asked.


Like Boronian said I didn’t actually put a clause about that in the rules but if it’s just for a few weeks then all that’ll happen is you concede those matches and aren’t eligible for any of the giveaways for those weeks.

Also Boronian pointed out a slip up of mine with dates and so I’m actually still accepting people as long as they get their decklists in before Monday 23:59 EST. :slight_smile:


I am 100% still dateable.



Hows the game doing?

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