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Meltdown League Finals Tomorrow @ 3:00pm EST


Hey everyone so after a grueling week of play we’ve finally narrowed down the competition to four final competitors!

Join myself and @scarzig as we cast the final 3 matches to determine who will be the champion of the Meltdown League and earn the title of Grandmaster!

Matches will begin at 3:00pm EST and will be streamed on the Meltdown Town twitch channel!

In addition to this @Ryvirath and myself will be recording the remainder of the playoff matches over the course of next week and uploading them to our youtube channel.

Thank you everyone for helping to make this tournament a success and I’m really looking forward to watching what should be a pretty great finale!

Twitch Channel:

Youtube Channel:


That placement of trophy upon meltdown is disturbing.


It’s a championship belt.


do we even need to play? we all know who’s gonna win :smiley:


Wow, I guess my vote was correct! Go, @niklaren!

But @spammernoob is definitely also good, my respects :wink:


He’s not wearing pants


Didn’t watch it to the very end, who won? Nik or Zabi?


Zab won it all. Grandmaster Brushy is here!


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