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Meltdown League coming soon!


Hey everyone,

We’ve got just under a week till the Meltdown League is starting and we’re all super pumped to start playing! We’ve currently got 42 people signed up and a prize pool of $385 along with a bunch of giveaways each week. So come down and take your chance to win glitz and glory down in the pits of Meltdown Town! (or just come down to have a good time, either way we’d love to have you) :slight_smile:



Also for those of who you this might persuade join now to take part in the vote for whether or not we decide to give tournament organizers the right to ban cards for the health of the tournament.


Oh and what’s the schedule of the league? I’ve been browsing around the related forum/D.central topics and haven’t seen anything on it


play your matches during the week, organise the times of the games for when it is good for both you and your opponent, weeks start every tuesday. 12 weeks untill top 8 go to playoffs and there will be another 8 from the last chance tournament


Yep more detailed rules are all in the #rules channel on the discord and if you have any other questions feel free to PM me on discord. :slight_smile:

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