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Mechazors ahoy!


Is it plausible or wishfull thinking? Some ramp at start to get to the echo deliverant/auroraboros and then that should be your ticket to Mechazortown.

Omega is here as an alternate wincon, + usual vanar removal that can transform wisp


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You do need some kind of Card draw or replenishing cards tho…
You have to find some space for them, best suited would be 2 or 3 copies of spelljammer as they most of the time give u more cards than your opponent


I think dropping one omega and maybe one auroraboros (or better 1 chassis) would be good to make room for 2 spelljammers.

Other than that, I just gotta test it


Mecho Kara is actually an archetype that I’m quite fond of, especially since any aura buffs on a mech (Project Omega’s ability, Kara’s BBS) will double when the second minion is summoned by Echo Deliverant. I will say that the deck took quite a hit with a lost of Aspect of Shim’zar (for Deceptib0t combos), although they do have more ramp tools (Malicious Wisp) to combo your mechs easier.

Right off the bat, I would say that Auroraboros and Crystal Wisp are probably your weakest cards. Instead, I would go for both Replicant (Cycles itself, works well with Kara’s buff and Project Omega) and Metaltooth (The rush ability makes it work really well in conjunction with BBS + Echo Deliverant). I would also say that running S.I.L.V.E.R. would be great here since you will already be running Metaltooth. The combination of Echo, SILVER, and Metaltooth should be the ultimate core of a Vanar/Echo deliverant deck in my opinion.

With the above core, I believe you can have more freedom in how you want your deck to form. While the Mechaz0r package would work well, I believe that it might be more optimal to run less mechs in favor of stronger removal and/or minions like Circulus, Heart Sister, Thunderhorn, Deceptib0t, Ghost Seraphim, Luminous Charge, Razorback and Embla.


Would silver/echo/omega be too many fat late game minions that would see even less game with less ramp from throwing crystal wisp out?

I put auroraboros because the name of the game wasn’t to make a well oiled (excuse the pun) mech deck, but a Mechazorfest, and to see how many of them I can summon in one game, although after your post I’m more motivated to make one :smiley:

It will be a while before i can craft all the cards needed for this deck, but o can see your point, mech combo with rush SILVER and vanar goodstuff thrown in for good measure.

Have you had good results with this deck before? Do you have a list you can share?

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