Mechazor is backazor đź’˘


Title provided through the courtesy of @maelrawn™

Are you a gold trash with the dreams of reaching the prestigious S rank but you can’t do it because your playstyle consists of dropping random minions on the board and hoping you eventually win? If that’s the case, this deck is perfect for you as you get to do just that in order to achieve a good, positive winrate and eventually the glory of being a certified S rank player.

Pre-patch version:

This is basically the deck I used to get to the 2 chevrons away from S. I did some experimentation with a single Dark Nemesis to compensate for not having third SotW (didn’t feel like crafting it) and to serve as a secondary wincon but I ended up ditching it because I never got to used to. So I crafted third SotW and rather than relying on Dark Nemesis as a secondary wincon, I decided to rely on the mechaz0r dropped from the z0r, which also proved to be garbage so hey. Point being, you either go full retard with mechs or you don’t play them at all. No room for secondary wincons.

Post-patch version:

This is the deck I used for my final push. Changes are fairly obvious. I’ll elaborate on the blazehound and shieldmaster though. You see, if you don’t have a mech in your hand and you’re not saving that one specific removal for cliffe, kaleino or what the fuck ever, you replace that card in order to dig for mechs. Blazehound works because when you replace into it when digging for mechs, you basically get another chance instantly. Now when I think about it, It’s probably more useful in the deck that spelljammer was. Shieldmaster is just all round pretty dope card. Good on curve and fairly useful later on too.


  • dig for mechs
  • keep removal depending on the matchup
  • position yourself and your mechaz0r well
  • sometimes finish up with SotW
  • lowkey brag on forums like a dumbass

If there is any interest in how to play this VERY SOPHISTCIATREWED deck I’ll put some info about specific matchups. Maybe. Ok bye.

The Purification Crusade

This part got me.


He says, as he leaves out Alter Rexx

How do you control the center to block minion chains to dispel mechazor if your minions are the pits? Have always wondered about this, actually


The amount of time this happened to me is actually really rare. Probably because the only common meta deck that runs shroud is cassy. Anyway, you just block her with the general and minions in the best way you can and hope it’s enough. General’s position is the key as nothing moves through you. Game isn’t necessarily over if it gets dispelled though as things like sotw and especially sister can be just enough to finish them off.


It’s now a trademark in these forums how @raqyee can simultaneously give intersting and wise advices while shiting all over your face calling you a moron.

Finally I’m starting to get used to that, it’s part of the character I guess.

Btw, real questions :

  • Chassis x3 … really must ? always found this unit too expensive for what it is :confused:
  • Match-up with Lyonar(Sun Bloom) & Vanar(Chromatic) ?



I am making a joke at my own account really since I used the deck myself. I’m also partially poking fun at people who say it’s an easy deck to play when in reality it can often be quite tricky.

Yes. In order to increase the chances of getting mechaz0r early, you need all the mechs you can get. It’s actually quite a decent 4 drop too from my longtime experience with the card.

Heart-sister is the mvp in these scenarios. Alternatively, place the mechazor closer in. About how close depends on state of the board state and the way the game is going in general.


Exactly. +rep for knowing the original quote. Inb4, evil mods delete that image too :sweat:


But what if im bad at being retarded :cry:
Also, dota 2 player rejoice :joy:


You mean, when Mechaz0r dispelled, you bring it front line with Sister and go face to the opponent ?


Got rekt by this, and considering how bad of a player that fucking weeb raqyee is you already know this is op as hell. Nerf Mechazor already. How is there even counterplay?

Also 10/10 Pun, would use it if i ever felt like killing someones brain and free will.

i hope ya all know that this is ironic since i am a raqyee fanboy, so plz no censorship mods, k?


Exactly. Mechaz0r always go face. And if it gets dispelled and you can’t hit face from range, that just means you gotta bring it in and do it that way. Sometimes sotw can help here as well but it’s usually the sister that does the job.

@cassador better get ready to taste ryv’s ban hammer, when it comes to moderation the context is unfortunately irrelevant :head_bandage::hammer:

PS: ur a rank 5 garbo, this deck is specifically what u need k3k


Raqyee stop ruining everything you touch, the game, the forums, the memes, all of it

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Alright, I think you overdosed on something you weren’t supposed to. As for Raq ruining everything he touches… I think he got to you.


Whenever I need some spicy memes I just play my full retard star horn deck. It’s got all the mechs, Decimus, spelljammer, blaze hound, and even mind steal. It’s fun since nobody expects the mechorn inquisition.


Difference is, this deck actually wins games :wink::100::+1::white_check_mark:


holy crap bro, I’m at rank 3 right now and this deck has been non-stop winning. mechazor was the 1st deck I ever built so its exciting to go back and play it again in diamond.


I would delete it cause I don’t think image macro replies are allowed except in the meme thread, but this got out of hand as soon as I went to sleep, so I’m just going to lock the thread.

Does Mechaz0r dream of electric sheep?