Mechazor Counterplay?


So what exactly is the counterplay to a Mechazor deck? Hope you draw a dispel and hang onto it until it inevitably gets summoned? Because I can’t think of anything else.

I guess you could occupy all 4 corners of the board too…


You’re not alone, maybe Im bad at it too, but I really feel taht thing should be targetable by spells. Every time when they drop it with the board in their favor cause of the decent mechazoid bodies (the mecha dudes, not sure if the term is right for the mecha guys), Im like how the hell am I supposed to remove smethg that is an 8-8, spawns in a corner and 100% death threat when it is untargetable by spells??? Im not sure does the deck has downsides as I have only ran into 2 of them in all this while and I definitely do not wish to see them often.


You can kill their face first. Mechaz0r only does 8 damage per turn.
Also their minions suck, so it’s not too hard to do since you should be winning on board when it drops anyways.


Search function is quite handy. I recommend using it. Click on the magnifying glass icon in top right corner. Here’s an image in case you have troubles finding it:


The please use me in the search bar got me xD


It’s usually better to stay in the center of the board actually - This allows you to reach his Mechaz0r with Empheral Shroud.
(+ Another minion for reach if necessary)

This is of course not necessary if you have access to Vanars or Lyonars dispel spells.

And now he’s stuck with a vanilla 8/8 in a corner of the board.

Loads of minions in this game fall into the “dispel-or-lose” category so you should do this in any case. :wink:

You generally want to press your advantage and try to win as fast as you can.
(And you do have a small advantage - Mech minions are sub-par stat-wise).

You can also run 2x Crossbones if you run into too many Mech decks (also decent vs Songhai). Abyssian and Magmar struggle most with Mechaz0r so it’s a good tech card for them.

Sunset Paragon might also work for some decks.

(And thanks to @nowayitsj Mech decks are popular again so it’s not a bad idea to tech against them until the hype is over.)

That said: No matter what you do you’ll sometimes run into Mech decks with just the perfect draw for T2 Mechaz0r and you’ll get wrecked.

Just don’t forget that it swings both ways: Sometimes the Mech player has an equally bad draw. Late Mechaz0r right into your counter - GG.


I know it’s probably the least common mechazor scenario, but I’ve killed a late mechazor a few times with my face as Sajj via Falcius + Ankh equip + BBS. You have to occupy the middle row to do it reliably, assuming the game even goes that late to begin with.


i played a game a little while back that was me playing snghai and the oponent had mechajerk out. i turned him into a panda. i was trying to see how good th mass panda is. its not bad. i killed it with some aoe. i’m looking at the nithling mass spell. that looks fun. generally you want to dispel it somehow or kill really quick. i have seen a couple of games where they keep their general away from the 8/8 and they run around with forcefield. they then wipe out all other enemy minions, so if the 8/8 hits the general it stops the 8 damage. welcome to duelyst. this game is not black and white, its a mix of maybes and luck.


Crossbones :slight_smile:


Yea run dispel or run crossbones, grove keeper, or just aggro. Capitalize on the fact that mech minions are weak, and if their mechazor does get answered they usualy curl up and die.

The moment you see mech, start replacing aggressively for a dispel, and hang out in the middle of the board so you can reach it. Almost all decks should have some dispel, if you don’t, your deck is probably fast enough or niche enough to just beat mech anyways.